25 november


November 30, 2021

November 25 is the 329th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar, the 330th in the case of a leap year. There are 36 days left before the end of the year. It was usually the 5th day of the month of Frimaire in the French Republican / Revolutionary calendar, officially referred to as Pig Day. November 24 - November 25 - November 26


9th century

885: the Viking Sigfried meets Bishop Gozlin, the siege of Paris begins the next day.

11th century

1034: Duncan I succeeds Malcolm II as King of the Scots.

12th century

1177: battle of Montgisard.

18th century

1764: coronation of Stanislas II. 1783: Evacuation day marks the end of the American Revolution. 1793: combat of Coëtbihan, during the Chouannerie. 1795: abdication of King Stanislaus II of Poland. Battle of Landes-Genusson, during the Vendée war.

19th century

1863: Battle of Missionary Ridge, during the Civil War. 1876: Battle of Dull Knife, during the Black Hills War.

20th century

1911: publication of Ayala's plan, by Emiliano Zapata. 1936: signing of the anti-Comintern pact. Second World War : in 1941, the U-331 torpedoed HMS Barham, in 1943, beginning of the “Saint-Barthélemy Grenoble”, on the leaders of the Resistance of Dauphinoise, in 1944, American victory, at the battle of Peleliu. in 1944, during the Battle of the St. Lawrence, on the night of November 24 to 25, HMCS Shawinigan was sunk by the German submarine U-1228. 1947: New Zealand ratifies the Statute of Westminster of 1931. 1950: start of the Battle of Chongchon, during the Korean War. 1952: Chinese victory, at the Battle of Triangle Hill, during the Korean War. 1958: Resolution No. 130 of the United Nations Security Council, on the International Court of Justice. 1973: Geórgios Papadópoulos is overthrown by the army. 1975: in the northeast of South America, independence of Suriname from the Netherlands.

21st century

2018: the extraordinary European Council in Brussels signs the United Kingdom's withdrawal agreement from the European Union. In Switzerland, federal votes. 2019: crash in the Eranga valley, during the war in Mali. 2021: in Romania, a coalition government led by Nicolae Ciucă takes office.

Arts, culture and religion

1830: in France, the first post of inspector of historical monuments is awarded to Ludovic Vitet. 1981: Pope John Paul II appoints Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (his future successor “Benedict XVI”) as “Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith”. 1998: release in France of the animated feature film "Mulan" from Disney studios, this time inspired by the heroine of a Chinese ballad from the 4th-5th centuries, the young girl Hua Mulan who disguises herself as a man to take the lead. place of his father too old to go and fight against the Huns for the empire.

Science and technology

1915: Albert Einstein presents his theory of general relativity at the Royal Academy of Sciences in Prussia. 1951: the former Navy minesweeper "La Calypso" converted into an expedition ship under the aegis of a certain Commander Cousteau and his team of divers, cameramen and scientists leaves the port of Toulon for his first destination as such: the Red Sea.

Economy and society

1120: shipwreck of the Blanche-Nef. 1248: collapse of Mont Granier causing a thousand victims, from November 24. 1343: earthquake in Naples. 1910: the condemnation to the death penalty of Jules Durand, a French libertarian trade unionist, made him the victim of a judicial error called the “Dreyfus affair of the world of work”. 1925: Mustafa Kemal Atatürk forbids the wearing of the fez. 2016: CBC / Radio-Canada will erect its new Maison de la Radio in Montreal

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