January 2


January 23, 2022

January 2 is the second day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 363 days left before the end of said year, 364 in the event that it is a leap year. It was usually the 13th day of the month of nivôse in the French republican/revolutionary calendar, officially referred to as slate day. January 1 - January 2 - January 3


1st century

69: Vitellius is proclaimed emperor of the armies of Lower and Upper Germania by his legions.

4th century

366: the Alamanni again cross the Rhine to invade the Roman Empire.

6th century

533: Mercurius becomes pope under the name of John II. He is the first pope to take a new name upon his accession.

15th century

1492: in Spain, capture of Granada, ending the war of Granada, begun in 1482 and the Muslim presence in the peninsula.

18th century

1777: Battle of Assunpink Creek during the American Revolutionary War. 1785: capture of Mrauk-U by Bodawpaya. 1788: Georgia ratifies the United States Constitution.

19th century

1812: Battle of Zitácuaro (Mexican War of Independence). 1863: end of the Battle of the Stones River (Civil War).

20th century

1905: capitulation of Port-Arthur (Russo-Japanese war). 1942: Japanese occupation of Manila (Pacific War). Jean Moulin is parachuted into France, as General de Gaulle's representative to the resistance movements in the southern zone. 1998: Ramka massacre (Algerian civil war).

21st century

2002: Eduardo Duhalde becomes interim president of Argentina. 2022: Beginning of the 2022 protests in Kazakhstan. Prime Minister of Sudan Abdallah Hamdok, opposed to the junta resulting from the October 25 coup, tenders his resignation.

Art, culture and religion

1941: appearance of Tintin's best friend, Captain Haddock, in an episode of The Crab with the Golden Claws. 1958: the singer Maria Callas sings "Norma" at the Rome opera house in the presence of the President of the Italian Republic and other prestigious personalities. The diva disappears at the end of the first act of the show, thus causing a scandal among the public and the press, the latter revealing that she would have been voiceless after a drunken party the day before. 1964: Pope Paul VI's trip to the Holy Land. 1990: Marlene Dietrich receives the Legion of Honor. 1991: broadcast in France of the first episode of the American television series with worldwide success "Alert to Malibu" featuring friendly lifeguards and their charges including Pamela Anderson, Alexandra Paul, Jasmin Blitz, Carmen Electra, David Hasselhoff, David Charvet.

Science and technology

1860: in front of the Academy of Sciences, Urbain Le Verrier announces the discovery of a new planet, Vulcan, by the amateur astronomer Edmond Modeste Lescarbault. 1959: launch of the Luna 1 satellite, the first human-launched object to escape Earth's attraction.

Economy and Society

1818: establishment of the Institution of Civil Engineers. 1909: first edition of the elfstedentocht. 1935: opening of the trial of Bruno Hauptmann, for the kidnapping of the baby of aviator Charles Lindbergh. 1971: Sixty-six people died of suffocation and trampling in a stadium in Glasgow, Scotland. 1974: President Richard Nixon approves the passage of a law, the National Maximum Speed ​​Law, fixing at 55 mph (~89 kilometers per hour) the maximum speed authorized on American roads, in order to save gasoline. 1988: US President Ronald Reagan and Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney sign the free trade agreement between the United States and Canada, lifting tariff restrictions between the two countries, with annual trade of 150 billion dollars. The P

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