August 3


August 14, 2022

August 3 or August 3 is the 215th day of the year of the Gregorian calendar, 216th when it is a leap year, then there are 150 left. Its equivalent was usually 16 Thermidor due French Republican/Revolutionary calendar, officially referred to as Marshmallow (the Plant) Day. August 2 - August 3 - August 4


1st century

8: The future Roman emperor Tiberius defeats Dalmatians on a river Bathinus.

5th century

435: Theodosius II exiles Nestorius again, in the western desert of Egypt, in the great oasis of Al-Kharga.

9th century

881: Battle of Saucourt-en-Vimeu, won by the Carolingian troops of Kings Louis III and Carloman II, over the Vikings.

11th century

1031: Olaf II, King of Norway, is canonized as Saint Olaf by Grimketel, Bishop of Sesley (Chinchester).

12th century

1108: coronation of Louis VI the Fat as King of France.

14th century

1312: popular revolt in Liège. 132 members of the local patriciate are burned alive in the public square 1342: beginning of the Siege of Algeciras (1342-1344), during the Spanish Reconquista. 1347: capture of Calais by King Edward III of England, after an 11-month siege. 1379: Jean IV of Brittany lands in Dinard, during the war, also Anglo-French, of the succession of Brittany.

15th century

1492: departure of Christopher Columbus, aboard the Santa Maria accompanied by two other ships, in search of a new route to the East Indies from the west. After two months of ocean sea travel, he will discover the American continent, from October 12, a priori without his knowledge, even after three other transatlantic round trips.

16th century

1529: signing of the Peace of the Ladies (or Treaty of Cambrai), to end the war between France and the Habsburgs, in Cambrai where the royal processions of the two parties had entered to negotiate on the previous July 5.

17th century

1601: Battle of Goroszló (in), resulting in the Austrian victory of the Habsburgs, helped by Wallakia, Moldavia and the Cossacks, against Transylvania which becomes a possession of the Empire of Austria, during the Long War . 1619: Charles d'Albert buys the barony of Maillé, which King Louis XIII establishes as a duchy-peerage which takes the name of Luynes. 1645: Battle of Alerheim, episode of the Thirty Years War seeing the French victory over the forces of the Holy Roman Empire. 1675: victory of the French fleet over the Spaniards and the Dutch, capture of Sicily.

18th century

1767: invasion of Siam by Burmese troops. 1795: signing of the Treaty of Greenville.

19th century

1811: ascent of the Jungfrau by the Meyer brothers. 1860: start of the second Maori war, in present-day New Zealand.

20th century

1903: Proclamation of the short-lived Republic of Krushevo, by the Macedonian rebels of the Macedonian Interior Revolutionary Organization, in Krushevo, during the Ilinden Uprising against the Ottoman Empire. The Republic only lasts 10 days, in the face of Ottoman repression. 1914: The German Empire declares war on France. 1934: Adolf Hitler becomes President of the Third Reich. 1940: annexation of the Baltic countries by the Soviet Union. General de Gaulle was sentenced to death in absentia by a military tribunal under the Vichy government, for undermining state security and desertion. Italian offensive against British Somaliland. 1943: Szczurowa massacre. 1944: Marszałkowska Street massacre, committed during the Warsaw Uprising. 1958: The USS Nautilus, the first nuclear-powered ship in history, sails under the North Pole ice cap. 1960: Niger's independence from France. 1975: to P