8 May


May 21, 2022

May 8 is the 128th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar, 129th when it is a leap year (there are then 237 left). Its equivalent was usually 19 Floréal of the French Republican/Revolutionary calendar, officially referred to as the day of the oroche (a garden plant). May 7 - May 8 - May 9


1st century BC. 46 BC J.-C.: Julius Caesar adopts Octavian / Octavian the future first Roman emperor Augustus.

4th century

390: miracle of the victory of the Sipontains (inhabitants of Siponto, today Manfredonia, at the foot of Mount Gargan, province of Foggia, region of Puglia, Italy), attributed to the Archangel Saint Michael.

6th century

589: Third Council of Toledo; Catholicism becomes the official religion of the Visigoth kingdom of Spain.

14th century

1360: signing of the Treaty of Brétigny between France and England, which allowed a truce in the Hundred Years War.

15th century

1429: Joan of Arc forces the English to lift the siege of Orleans.

16th century

1541: discovery of the Mississippi by Hernando de Soto.

18th century

1769: Battle of Ponte Novu. The Paolist troops lose the battle against the troops of Louis XV, Corsica is conquered militarily by France. 1790: decree establishing the uniformity of weights and measures in France. 1794: execution of the twenty-eight farmers general in Paris, including Antoine Lavoisier.

19th century

1870: plebiscite on the liberalization of the imperial regime in France. 1898: creation of the French League for the Defense of Human and Citizen Rights.

20th century

1902: devastation of St-Pierre, in Martinique, by the eruption of Mount Pelée. 1945: surrender of Nazi Germany; massacre of Sétif in Algeria. 1946: Resolution No. 5 of the United Nations Security Council on the Iranian question. 1951: United Nations Security Council Resolution 92 on Palestine. 1996: new Constitution in South Africa.

21st century

2007: formation of an executive in Northern Ireland, for the first time since 2002. 2010: Laura Chinchilla becomes the first female President of the Republic of Costa Rica. 2018: after several weeks of demonstrations, the opponent Nikol Pashinian is invested Prime Minister of Armenia by the National Assembly. The United States withdraws from the Vienna Iran nuclear deal and threatens sanctions on companies around the world that continue to do business with the Iranian government. 2019: general elections are held in South Africa to elect the members of the National Assembly, as well as those of the provincial assemblies of the nine provinces of the country. These are the sixth elections since the end of apartheid in 1994. It is the ANC, the party of President Cyril Ramaphosa which retains the absolute majority. A referendum is organized in Belize, the population is called upon to decide on recourse to the International Court of Justice to resolve the border dispute opposing it to Guatemala in accordance with an agreement made between the two countries at the end of 2008. Neighboring Guatemala claims a important part of Belize representing more than half of its territory. The people approve of recourse to the ICJ to resolve their border dispute with Guatemala.

Arts, culture and religion

590: appearance of the Archangel Saint Michael on the mausoleum of Hadrian (Castle Saint-Ange) in Rome according to Christians.

Science and technology

1886: invention of cola.

Economy and Society

1842: Meudon train disaster near Paris. 1972: first broadcast by host Julie on the peripheral French-speaking radio station "Europe no 1". 1996: final of the European Cup Winners' Cup between Michel Denisot's PSG and