9th of May


May 22, 2022

May 9 is the 129th day of the Gregorian calendar year, 130th when it is a leap year (there are then 236 left). Its equivalent was 20 Floréal of the French Republican/Revolutionary calendar, officially referred to as sarcloir day (the gardening tool). May 8 - May 9 - May 10


15th century BC. -1457: Battle of Megiddo, the first of its name, won by Thutmose III.

15th century

1435: Battle of Gerberoy. 1469: Treaty of Saint-Omer, between the Duke of Burgundy Charles the Bold, and the Duke of Austria Sigismond de Habsbourg.

16th century

1517: Queen Claude meditates in tears, at the foot of the tomb of her parents Louis XII and Anne of Brittany, in the basilica of Saint-Denis, north of Paris, where she will be crowned queen the next day, May 10, as wife of Francis I.

17th century

1671: Thomas Blood disguised as a clergyman attempts to steal the British Crown Jewels from the Tower of London.

18th century

1754: Benjamin Franklin publishes a cartoon, considered the first to appear in the United States. Entitled Join, or Die ("Join or perish"), it shows a snake cut into several pieces, each representing an American state. 1769: the Corsican separatists are defeated by the French army, at the battle of Ponte-Novo (today in Haute-Corse).

19th century

1877: taking advantage of the war between Russia and the Ottoman Empire, Romania proclaims its independence.

20th century

1915: start of the Battle of Artois. 1939: end of the Battle of Nanchang, the Chinese National Revolutionary Army is defeated by the Imperial Japanese Army. 1945: liberation of Prague by the Red Army. 1949: accession of Prince Rainier of Monaco. 1950: Schuman declaration on Europe proposing a coal-steel consortium (ECSC, embryo of the current European Union): “Europe will be made through concrete achievements, first creating de facto solidarity. (see Celebrations below in fine). 1958: China breaks diplomatic relations with Japan. 1978: assassination of the leader of the Italian Christian Democracy, Aldo Moro, by the Red Brigades. 1979: El Salvador's civil war begins. 1994: Nelson Mandela becomes President of the Republic of South Africa, democratically elected outside apartheid.

21st century

2006: Estonia ratifies the 2004 Treaty of Rome. 2010: Armed forces from the United Kingdom, France and the United States parade for the first time in Red Square in Moscow, on the occasion of the Victory Day parade. 2016: resignation of Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann, following the failure of his party in the first round of the presidential election. Rodrigo Duterte wins the presidential election in the Philippines. 2017: Moon Jae-in is elected president of South Korea.

Arts, culture and religion

549: inauguration of the Basilica of Saint-Apollinaire in Classe. 1087: transport of the relics of Saint Nicolas, from Myre (Anatolia) to Bari (in Italian Puglia). Victor III is enthroned pope. 1092: Consecration of Saint Mary's Cathedral in Lincoln, in present-day United Kingdom. 1924: Schlagobers (en), ballet in two acts by Richard Strauss, premiered in Vienna (Austria). 1952: release of the film Forbidden Games. 1964: Louis Armstrong is 1st in the American Billboard hit parade with his song "Hello Dolly" which dethrones "Count by me love" by the Beatles. 1969: The Roman Catholic Church publishes a revised calendar of saints, over 200 names are removed while other saints from outside Europe are added. 1978: the first issue of L'Histoire hits newsstands.

Science and technology

1926: American explorer Richard Byrd claims to have flown over the geographic North Pole. Economy and