Help:How to edit a page


May 23, 2022


Editing not possible? If a “View Source” tab replaces edit tabs, that means the page is either write-protected (it can only be edited by an administrator) or semi-protected (it can only be edited by users registered for more than four days). You can then make a reasoned request for an administrator to make a change to this page.

Describe your change in the summary box

It's best to describe the changes you make. These descriptions are saved with your edit and are displayed in the article history. They cannot be changed afterwards. Correctly describing your edit allows other Wikipedians to understand your intent, and possibly help you if you've made a mistake. Major or minor change? It is possible thanks to the "modify the code" links to make two types of modifications: a minor modification concerning spelling, style, addition of an internal link… a major modification, which makes it possible to add content. In this case : do not forget to insert the quality references that prove the fact that you are adding; do not copy text, neither from a web page, nor from another medium: respect copyright. Visual editor or wikicode, how to use them? Both editors allow you to do everything. It is according to the choices and habits of each to use one or the other editor. Below you will find the links to the help pages to use the two editors depending on what you want to do. Which plan to follow? To go further, you can read Wikipedia:Plan conventions to know how an article is usually structured.

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