May 20, 2022


Any Wikipedia page — an article, user page, project, help page, etc. — has a discussion page accessible via the “Discussion” tab, located at the top left of the page. The talk page is often called "PdD" in the jargon. Every talk page has a history (like articles) that lets you know who has participated. Participating in a discussion obeys specific rules: each message must be signed, and, in the event of a response, the messages are indented. There are also formatting templates and an alert system called "notifications" which allows you to notify another contributor. Why discuss? The discussion is necessary to improve the articles, to solve a problem related to the article, but also to solve a technical problem or simply to ask for help from more experienced contributors. Sometimes disagreements arise between Wikipedia contributors. The essential rule is therefore to explain yourself and to give others the opportunity to do the same on the discussion pages. Generally speaking, it is believed that there cannot be a perfect article without discussion. How to discuss?

Locate the “Discussion” tab

Start a new discussion

To be sure to find the discussion page and be alerted of a reply, remember to add it to your watchlist by clicking on the white star at the top right of the "View history" tab.

Responding to an ongoing discussion and filing its messages

That's it, a user has answered you and it's high time to answer him! If there are many discussions, locate the one you created via the summary. New threads are at the bottom of the page, old threads at the top of the page. Your message must be placed under the previous one. To add a new message — intervention — click on the edit code button located in the section title.

Sign your messages

Finally, it is important to sign your messages. This signature generates links to your user page and your talk page, followed by the date and time of your message. The time zone chosen on this wiki is Central European Standard Time (CET) in winter and Central European Summer Time (CEST) in summer. To sign, click on the toolbar icon as shown in the image. A signature consists of four signature tildes (~~~~) which you can also add manually either by clicking on ~~~~ (in the footer wiki codes) or by typing the combination alt gr + four times é (or alt + n for mac users or for bepo layout: alt gr + k, or alt + ^ for qwertz layout). The k of the bepo keyboard which corresponds to b in azerty. When you click the "Publish Changes" button in the editor, your signature will change from "--~~~~" (or "~~~~") to "--your nickname (discuss) April 21, 2015 at 20:18 (CEST)”.

Mentions and Watchlist

Mentions and the watchlist are two practical tools for chatting, being alerted to a new message, or alerting someone that a message has been left for them.


To notify a contributor that you have left a message for them, you can mention it (“notify” in Wikipedia jargon) by integrating their pseudonym into a discussion page using a link. He will then receive a notification. For this, you can use a model among those available. For example, {{Notif|Nickname}} gives: Nickname:. Attention: for this to work, it is essential to add the model of mention and to sign your message at the same time. In practice, to reply and send u