August 2022


August 13, 2022

August 2022 is the 8th month of the year 2022.


July 26 to August 9: 2022 Chess Olympiad in Chennai, India. July 28 to August 8: 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England August 1: Legislative elections in the Cook Islands. August 2: US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visits Taiwan, the first visit by a senior US official since 1997 with Newt Gingrich. August 5: Legislative elections in Saint-Christophe-et-Nevis. August 7: in Colombia, Gustavo Petro is sworn in as President of the Republic, the first left-wing personality to take up this post; in Mali, jihadists attack the Tessit military camp. August 9: parliamentary elections and presidential election in Kenya. August 24: general elections in Angola. August 29 to September 11: US Tennis Open 2022 in New York. August 31: Legislative elections in Nauru.

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