Waukesha ram car bombing


December 7, 2021

The Waukesha ram car attack came on November 21, 2021 when a vehicle crashed into the annual Santa Claus Parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, United States, killing six and injuring sixty-two. A suspect, Darrell Brooks, is arrested and charged with intentional manslaughter. Darrell Brooks considers himself a terrorist, black supremacist, and belongs to the Five-Percent Nation group. In several of his social media posts, he called for killing white people, even the elderly. His victims (6 dead) are all white. Darrell Brooks' pre-drama handling by the justice system sparks controversy over his $ 1,000 bail days before the tragedy despite a fifty-page criminal record and a previous attack using a car against his spouse ,.


The Santa Claus Parade has been a traditional parade taking place in downtown Waukesha for fifty-eight years. It had been canceled the previous year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The theme for 2021 was “Comfort and Joy” and featured over sixty attractions. The city also commemorated its 125th anniversary.

Sequence of events

On November 21, 2021, at 4:39 p.m. CST, a red Ford Escape SUV drives through the barricades and through the annual Christmas Parade in Waukesha. A policeman fires his gun in an attempt to stop the vehicle. No spectator is affected by the gunshots of the officer. The parade is broadcast live and other attendees film the scene in videos which are then posted on social media. Police later confirmed that the driver was deliberately targeting the crowd, driving "zig zag" to hit as many people as possible.


City of Waukesha says five people were killed and sixty-two injured in the attack; a sixth victim dies from his injuries. The Milwaukee Dancing Grannies say some of their members were among those killed. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee says parishioners, students and a priest at a local Catholic school have been injured.


On November 22, police announced at a press conference that they had recovered the SUV and also taken a potentially implicated person into custody. Unofficially, it is said to be Darrell Brooks, 39. The latter had been arrested twenty-one days earlier for hitting his girlfriend with the same SUV. Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul says the Wisconsin Department of Justice is participating in the investigation. Police chief Daniel Thompson says he does not know whether the event is terrorism-related. Police are initially investigating whether the driver was fleeing a nearby knife fight when he encountered the parade, before ruling out that trail. Yet Darrell Brooks considers himself a terrorist. CNN reports that the event does not appear to be linked to the recent verdict in Kyle Rittenhouse's trial.


The White House was monitoring the situation shortly after the event ended. The Waukesha Police Department immediately issued a shelter-in-place order for parts of Waukesha, but withdrew it that same evening. Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers expressed gratitude for the efforts of first responders and relief workers, and expressed support for affected families and community members. Evers ordered that the flags of the United States and Wisconsin be half-masted the next day in honor of the victims. November 22

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