La Plata Basin


August 15, 2022

The Plata basin, in Spanish cuenca del Plata, is the watershed comprising the tributaries of the Rio de la Plata, in South America.


The La Plata Basin is the fifth largest river basin in the world. It covers an area of ​​3,100,000 km2 and extends over the territories of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia. The basin modulus is 23,000 m3/s.

Main rivers

The main rivers in the basin are: Paraguay (tributary of Paraná) the Paraná (tributary of the Rio de la Plata) the Rio de la Plata (outlet of the basin) Uruguay (tributary of the Rio de la Plata) Other important rivers include: tributaries of the Paraguay (from upstream to downstream) Rio Jauru Rio Cuiaba Rio Taquari Rio Miranda Rio Pilcomayo Rio Bermejo tributaries of the Paraná (from upstream to downstream) Rio Grande Rio Tiete Rio Verde Rio Paranapanema Rio Ivinhema Rio Iguacu rio paraguay Rio Salado tributaries of Uruguay Rio Ibicui Rio Negro

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