Bianca Castafiore


November 30, 2021

Bianca Castafiore, known as the Castafiore, is a recurring character in the Adventures of Tintin, imagined by Hergé.


Bianca Castafiore is an Italian singer of international renown, nicknamed the Milanese Nightingale by the press, with whom she maintains variable relations, depending on the silence on her build. La Castafiore is constantly accompanied in her peregrinations by her pianist Igor Wagner, as well as by her cameraman Irma, with whom she has only professional relationships, although she does not hesitate to take up Irma's defense when the Dupondts accuse the latter of flight. She owns many jewels including an emerald of great price, offered by the Maharajah of Gopal, which will be stolen from her, and a pearl necklace of no great value, brand Tristian Bior, which she breaks in the park of Moulinsart. Talkative, exuberant and well-built, the Castafiore has a powerful voice. Her piece of bravery - the one and only that she performed during the seven albums where she participated in the adventures of Tintin - is the Air of jewelry, sung by Marguerite in the opera Faust by Charles Gounod, but she also obtains a success triumphant (fifteen recalls) at La Scala in Milan in La gazza ladra, by Gioachino Rossini. However, those around him hardly seem to appreciate his vocal art. Tintin, whom she hitchhiked, prefers to continue on foot rather than endure her voice longer. Captain Haddock also has an aversion to this type of opera aria, although the singer pursues him by singing, in person or on the air, and this across the planet, even in the Himalayas. . However, the Castafiore feels a certain affection for him, despite his difficulty in remembering the exact name of the captain: "Karpock", "Kodak", "Harrock" ("Harrock'n roll" completes the latter), etc. In return, Captain Haddock will not fail to call him "Castafiole", "Catastrophe" and "Castapipe". She will also call Séraphin Lampion "Monsieur Lanterne", "Monsieur Lampadaire" and "Monsieur Lampiste", who will scratch the name of the singer in "Castagnette". Nestor, the butler of the Château de Moulinsart, will in turn become “Norbert” and “Prosper”. Professor Tournesol will be called "Professor Tournedos". In The Calculus Affair, her help is decisive for Tintin and Captain Haddock, to whom she provides hiding and disguise. She even shows remarkable composure and a sense of timeliness. Thus, when Colonel Sponsz sits on the cap forgotten by Captain Haddock, she immediately invents a completely credible story to explain the presence of such a headgear in her dressing room. She had already saved Tintin in The Scepter of Ottokar by not denouncing him to the Syldavian authorities and unwittingly pulls Tintin and Haddock from the clutches of the Marquis di Gorgonzola in Coke in stock. Tintin and Captain Haddock owe him their lives several times over. Captain Haddock's apparent phobia for the bel canto universe led to a famous vignette published in the Bijoux de la Castafiore: Captain Haddock is represented there, asleep and consumed by worries linked to the invasion of Moulinsart castle, having a nightmare in which he sees himself, shirtless and the face scarlet, sitting in the first row of a parterre of parrots in evening clothes, attending the lyrical outburst, on the stage, of a Castafiore with the head and wings of a parrot . After the publication of a press article announcing that she will marry Captain Haddock, the Castafiore reveals that the press has already falsely engaged her, among others, to the Maharajah of Gopal, to Baron Halmaszout, to Colonel Sponsz and to the Marquis di Gorgonzola. La Castafiore inspires Professor Calculus, on whom she has

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