August 15, 2022

A candy is a confection, usually flavored with various sweet or slightly sour tastes. Candies are sold by weight in bulk or packaged in sachets, individually wrapped or not. Candy is a lucrative global market and represents a reward for the child who is its main target. You can put the sweets in a candy box (or bezel) or in a jar to keep them.


The word “bonbon” is made up of a repetition of “bon”, and is therefore not written according to the general rule, that is to say with an “m” in front of the “b”.


The amount of sugar in a candy varies according to the recipes and the expertise of the candy maker. Candy makers use many colors and textures in making their candies.

List of existing candies

By type

Berlingot Anise candy Milk candy (e.g. whipped cream) Honey candy (ex: Rage of the bees) Jelly candy (ex: Marshmallow) Jelly candy (ex: Haribo) Calisson Caramel and caramelized candies: Soft caramel hard caramel salted butter caramel Chewing gum or chewing gums (ex: Malabar, Freedent) Dragee and sugared candies (ex: dragibus) Marshmallow Nougat Nougatine Pastille (e.g. Vichy pastille) Praline Licorice and liquorice sweets (ex: Twizzlers) Lollipop (ex: Chupa Chups) barley sugar Touron

Traditional sweets by country


babellutte Chocotoff monkey balls Cuberdon Marshmallow (candies often in the shape of the traditional Saint-Nicolas Virgin Mary (not to be confused with marshmallows, called “lards” in Belgium) Marzipan (chocolate covered marzipan) Napoleon


Abaakuru Aleewa candy or Hausa candy Pulled candy African toffee


Maple syrup candy Taffy of Sainte-Catherine




Antonberg Flaeskesvaer Franz Jørgen (Candy Land)


Turron Piñonate

United States

jelly bean Taffy Twizzlers, twisted red licorice stick.




Candied angelica from Niort, Niort Anis de Flavigny, Flavigny-sur-Ozerain Bergamot from Nancy, Nancy Berlingot de Carpentras, Carpentras Berlingot de Nantes, Nantes Berlingot de Pezenas, Pezenas Nonsense of Cambrai, Cambrai Boulet de Montauban, Montauban Cachou Lajaunie, Toulouse Pebbles of the Gave, Lourdes Calisson, Aix-en-Provence Montpellier Calisson, Montpellier Caramels from Isigny, Normandy Chique Rhône-Alpes or Choupette Provence Chicks of Bavay, Bavay Cocoon of Lyon, Lyon Poppy of Nemours, Nemours Cotignac d'Orleans, Orleans Cushion from Lyon, Lyon Verdun Dragee, Verdun Forestine, Bourges Apt candied fruits, Apt Gallien of Bordeaux, Bordeaux Grisettes of Montpellier, Montpellier Soissons bean, Soissons Negus of Nevers, Nevers Niniche, Brittany Montelimar nougat, Montelimar Sault Nougat, Sault Papaline of Avignon, Avignon Vichy lozenge, Vichy Miner's pastille, Nord-Pas-de-Calais Fruit jellies, Vaucluse, Auvergne Apple with Calvados, Normandy Prasline de Montargis, Montargis Slate Quernons, Angers Liquorice from Uzes, Uzes Roudoudou Foolishness of Valenciennes, Valenciennes Vichy barley sugar, Vichy Rouen Apple Sugar, Rouen Catalan Touron, Perpignan Touron of the Basque Country, Basque Country Truffle Violet of Toulouse


Baci di Dama cuneesi Gianduiotti Cafarel Marzipan Nougat




drop Hopje


BlackJacks Crumbles Flake Gobstoppers Humbug jelly babies Liquorice Allsorts Lovehearts pear drops polo mint Sherbets Fountain wine gums


Candies are often very colorful and regularly take on whimsical shapes. Sweets are offered on certain holidays, such as Christmas or Saint Nicholas. For