Money goal


August 15, 2022

In football, the silver goal was used to decide between two teams to decide the winner during an extension of two times 15 minutes. But unlike the golden goal, which gave him the victory when a goal was scored, there it was necessary that one of the two teams lead the score at the end of the first period of this extra time to win the match. If there is still a tie, the second period begins. But in the event that the result was still a draw, the series of penalty shootouts began to determine the winner.


The silver goal was introduced by UEFA in certain competitions by decision of March 15, 2002, before being removed after Euro 2004 following a survey of federations who preferred the return to full extension possibly followed by the series of penalty shootouts. In international matches, only three Euro 2004 matches (Portugal-England, Sweden-Netherlands and Greece-Czech Republic) went to extra time and used this rule. But in the first two games (both quarter-finals), no goals were scored in the first extra time, so 30 minutes of extra time was played as usual. The silver goal was only used during the semi-final of Euro 2004 in Portugal between Greece and the Czech Republic (1-0 after extra time). This is his first and only application in the history of football in an international match. In club competition, the examples are more numerous. In the European Club Cups in particular: on August 27, 2003, Dutch club Ajax qualified for the Champions League group stage with the silver goal against Austrian club Grazer AK after 1-1 in the first leg and 1-1 in the second leg after 90 minutes. In the first extra time, Ajax's Tomáš Galásek scores from a penalty and the game ends after 105 minutes and the first extra time in favor of the Dutch 2 goals to 1; the next day, August 28, in the preliminary round of the UEFA Cup, Hungarian club Debrecen won the second leg 2-1 after 105 minutes after a goal in the first extra time by Péter Bajzát against Lithuanian club Ekranas Panevėžys after 1 everywhere to go. in March 2004, in the round of 16 of the UEFA Cup, Valencia qualified for the quarters against the Turkish club of Gençlerbirliği by a silver goal from Vicente in the first extra time of the second leg. 2-0 in return for Valencia after 1-0 for the Turkish club in the first leg. Valencia will win the competition.


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