Captain Haddock


November 30, 2021

Archibald Haddock, usually referred to as Captain Haddock, is one of the main characters in the Adventures of Tintin comic book series, created by the Belgian cartoonist Hergé. A fictional character, he is a long-haul captain and Tintin's best friend. In 1996, he was designated as the “favorite main character” of the series by internet users, with 37.5% of the vote ahead of Snowy and Tintin.


Captain Haddock accompanies Tintin in all his adventures from the episode of the Crab with the Golden Claws (pre-publication in black and white in the January 2, 1941 edition of the newspaper Le Soir-Jeunesse), in which they meet . We know that he sailed for more than twenty years with his friend Captain Chester, before becoming commander of Karaboudjan where his alcoholism puts him at the mercy of his lieutenant Allan Thompson. It is Tintin who will come to take him out: the two friends will never leave each other again. From his family, we know that he is the descendant of the knight François de Hadoque, marine captain under Louis XIV. Until his meeting with Tintin, he was in the merchant navy, where he has old friends such as Captain Chester who appears in The Mysterious Star, or Thémistocle Paparanic, a Greek sailor who appears only in portrait in the film Tintin and the Mystery of the Golden Fleece. He will still be captain for two expeditions during his adventures with Tintin: he will command the Aurora in The Mysterious Star during the expedition to find the fireball, and the Sirius, Captain Chester's ship, in The Treasure of Rackham the Red to find said treasure. At the end of this adventure, Professor Tournesol acquires, with the proceeds from the sale of the patent for his submarine, the Moulinsart castle which belonged to the ancestor of Captain Haddock and offers it to the captain in thanks for the service he received. the latter returned it to him. Haddock seems to be retiring from the navy to live as a squire. As for the name of Captain Haddock, which appears for the first time in Hergé's notes in 1938, he is, according to Philippe Goddin, author of Chronology of a work, inspired by Captain Craddock, a Franco-German film by Hanns Schwarz. and Max de Vaucorbeil (1931), of which Hergé was a big fan. In The Crab with the Golden Claws, Captain Haddock sings a song from this film: Les Gars de la marine. However, according to Hergé's first wife, Germaine Kiekens, the name "Haddock" comes from that of a "sad English fish", the smoked haddock, called haddock. However, the surname Haddock is real, a Sir Richard Haddock (1629-1715) having commanded the Royal James at the battle of Solebay and his second son, Nicholas Haddock having followed his father's career. In addition, Herbert James Haddock (1861-1946) was commander in the White Star Line and, among others, title captain (although the ship does not sail) of the Titanic before its delivery to the transatlantic company, and then of the sister vessel. of the Titanic, the Olympic. Captain Haddock's first name, Archibald, is mentioned for the first time in Tintin et les Picaros, the last completed album of the Adventures of Tintin, and is mentioned again in the unfinished album Tintin et l'Alph-Art. Like the Dupondts who embody police stupidity in all its glory, Captain Haddock represents a cliché taken to the extreme: the alcoholic sailor.


An angry character

Haddock is an impulsive and short-tempered character who allows himself to be carried away by his enthusiasm or his discouragement. His numerous outbursts make him the negative of Tintin while being the catalyst for his Adventures, according to the philosopher Laurence Devillairs: “If Haddock acts and reacts, rebels and refuses, Tintin, he thinks, reasons and understands. One is all about passion, the other is

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