French rugby union championship 1965-1966


July 3, 2022

The 1965-1966 first division French rugby union championship was contested by 56 teams grouped into 7 pools. At the end of the qualifying phase, the first four teams of each group and the four best teams classified fifth are qualified for the 1/16th finals. The event then continues by elimination over one match in each round. SU Agen won the 1965-66 championship after beating US Dax in the final and retained the title acquired in 1965. Agen qualifies for the FIRA European Cup of Champion Clubs. The last places for the 1967 are allocated at the discretion of the FFR management committee between the semi-finalists of the second division French championship and the last of their first division pool. The Federation chose to fish Stade Toulousain, SBUC, US Tyrosse, CS Bourgoin-Jallieu and SC Mazamet.


The 1966 Five Nations Tournament was won by Wales thanks to its victory (9-8) against France on the last day (France was leading until the 70th minute, it was overtaken following a a try against the Welsh). The Yves du Manoir challenge was won in 1966 by FC Lourdes, who beat Stade Montois by 16 to 6.

Qualifying phase

The names of the teams qualified for the 16th finals are in bold.

Round of 16

Teams whose names are in bold are qualified for the round of 16. FC Lourdes, winner of the Yves du Manoir challenge, was eliminated in the round of 16.

Round of 16

Teams whose names are in bold are qualified for the quarter-finals.


Teams whose names are in bold are qualified for the semi-finals.



Dax presents a team with many young players: Dourthe (17 and a half), Arrieumerlou (18 and a half), Capdepuy (20) and Benali (18). The meeting was punctuated with numerous brutalities and took place in a detestable atmosphere. Pierre Albaladejo loses one last chance to win the Shield of Brennus.

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