Chantal Poupaud


July 3, 2022

Chantal Poupaud, born Richard on January 1, 1953 in Brissac (Maine-et-Loire) and died on June 21, 2022 in Paris, is a French director, screenwriter and producer. After starting out as a press secretary, she was behind the 1990s series of the Arte channel, All the boys and girls of their age.



Chantal Poupaud was born on January 1, 1953. She is from Brissac in the Maine-et-Loire department. Daughter of Yves Richard, sports journalist at La Nouvelle République, linesman at Roland-Garros and passionate about cinema, her brother is the director, Jacques Richard. From her marriage to Michel Poupaud, were born Stanislas (Yarol) Poupaud, musician, Melvil Poupaud, actor, musician and César, mathematician and musician.


Chantal Poupaud began her career as a press attaché and worked to promote films by Marguerite Duras for seven years, as well as films by Benoît Jacquot, Chantal Akerman, Lino Brocka, Aki Kaurismäki or Wim Wenders.


At the start of the 1990s, Chantal Poupaud had the idea for what would become the All the boys and girls of their age collection when she rediscovered her own memories of adolescence while watching her two sons, one aged 14 who enters adolescence, the other who at 18 begins to emerge. She thinks that being a teenager at any time is always the same, even if the context is different. She then had the idea of ​​a series of films on adolescence, all including a party scene, which would be commissioned from various directors; she wishes in particular to rediscover “this notion of the first time” which only exists at this period of life. She meets the producer Georges Benayoun, of IMA productions, and Pierre Chevalier, head of the fiction unit at Arte, and tells them about this project. Pierre Chevalier was won over by the simplicity and open-mindedness of the project and implemented it. The series was broadcast at the end of 1994 and was the subject of significant critical success. In the second half of the 1990s, health problems and numerous consultations with doctors gave her the idea of ​​another series, this time for the cinema, on the relationship of women to medicine, where "a heroine who finds herself "facing a therapist after having found herself struggling with her body". The series is called All women are crazy and what must be the first part, the film Le Septième Ciel by Benoît Jacquot, was released in 1997. François Ozon's film Sous le sable is also part of this project. She directed her first short film in 2000, then she had the idea of ​​the documentary Crossdresser in 2010, the idea of ​​which came from an encounter in a restaurant, a film which tackles the subject of occasional transvestites.



2000: Maurice the Mauritian (short film) 2010: Crossdresser (documentary)


1994: All the boys and girls of their age, collection of TV films by Arte, of which three "long versions" will be released in theaters as feature films: Wild Reeds by André Téchiné Cold Water by Olivier Assayas Too much happiness by Cédric KahnSeries All women are crazy: 1997: Le Septième Ciel by Benoît Jacquot (associate producer) 2000: Under the Sand (Head of Development) 2010: Crossdresser (Documentary)


2005: Riviera by Anne Villacèque

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This article is partially or totally taken from the article entitled “All the boys and girls their age” (see the list of authors).


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