May 23, 2022

Michel Colucci, known as Coluche, is a French humorist and actor, born October 28, 1944 in Paris 14th and died June 19, 1986 in Opio (Alpes-Maritimes). Son of an Italian immigrant and a Frenchwoman, Michel Colucci grew up in Montrouge. He adopted the pseudonym "Coluche" at the age of 26, at the very beginning of his career. Claiming his rudeness but, according to him, "without ever falling into vulgarity", Coluche very early on gave a new and sarcastic style through his freedom of expression in the music hall, in particular by taunting the taboos and moral and political values ​​of society. contemporary. In 1975, he became famous by parodying a game show: Le Schmilblick. Before 1976, he occupied secondary roles in the cinema before portraying more central characters, as in L'Aile or la Cuisse, then to hold the top of the bill during the 1980s, mainly for comedies. In 1977, he moved on to directing, co-directing Vous n'avoir pas l'Alsace et la Lorraine with Marc Monnet. In 1984, he won a César for best actor for his dramatic role in Tchao Pantin by Claude Berri. Alternately provocative or agitator through his social positions, he announced his candidacy for the 1981 presidential election before retiring, following pressure and threats. Enjoying enormous popularity and much appreciated by the public, in 1985 he founded the association Les Restos du Coeur, a relay of aid to the poorest, a few months before dying in a motorcycle accident.




Michel Colucci was born on October 28, 1944, at the Notre-Dame de Bon Secours maternity hospital in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. His mother, Simone Bouyer aka Monette (1920-1994), worked for the florist Baumann, boulevard du Montparnasse. His father, Honorio Colucci, born in Casalvieri (Latium region) in Italy, is a house painter. The latter, born on November 29, 1916, died on October 31, 1947, at the age of 30, of poliomyelitis and his wife had to raise her two children alone. Abandoned by the in-laws (with the notable exception of Maria, Honorio's mother who still visits them), Monette, Michel and Danièle, future wife of René Metge, who is a year and a half older than her brother , live together in one room and one kitchen. Although she gives up her job as a florist to raise her children, Monette finds a few small jobs that she must sometimes combine to obtain a pittance. Suffering from severe scoliosis, she had to undergo treatment at Berck during a summer where she took her children. Despite all these difficulties, she remains hopeful in the future and adopts the lifestyle of the more affluent social classes, ensuring that her children are “well put” (correctly dressed). Michel does not appreciate this split between reality and his mother's aspirations and, about his clothes which contrast with those of the other children in the neighborhood, he will reproach her for dressing him like a girl. Far from maternal dreams, Michel chooses Montrouge (southern suburb of Paris) where he hangs out with his friends. School work does not fascinate him and he makes his classmates laugh, standing up to the teacher. His school career stops at the Certificate of Primary Studies, recounting that he failed it voluntarily in June 1958, for having made a single mistake in the dictation in the morning and thus having, according to him, proven himself, he does not judge useful to go back there in the afternoon, which his mother denied in 1987: "Contrary to what people say, he got his school certificate", specifying that, before the exam, she had given him do the same dictation ten times and that it was the text on which he had practiced that fell on the day of the exam. When he's not at school, he hangs out with his "Solo Gang" buddies.