August 15, 2022

Serration generally refers to the jagged appearance of an object from its sides.


In biology, serration is commonly seen on the edges of the teeth of some species, especially sharks. It also appears in botany on certain parts of plants. On a leaf, the serration would reduce the resulting force of wind and other natural elements. In geography, the serration refers to the highest part of the mountain range (in Spanish, we speak of sierra).

Manufactured Items

The serration is found on several types of objects. Indeed, when applied to a surface, a serrated edge has several small points of contact, which means that its contact area is smaller than that of a smooth edge. Consequently, the pressure exerted at the contact points is greater and facilitates, among other things, the cut by multiple perforations of the cut surface. In philately, the serration refers to the serrated edge of a stamp.

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