Enrique Metinides


May 21, 2022

Enrique Metinides, real name Jaralambos Enrique Metinides Tsironides, was a Mexican photographer born February 12, 1934 in Mexico City and died May 10, 2022 in the same city, known for his photos of accidents, fires, crimes and corpses.


Son of Greek immigrants, Enrique Metinides was born on February 12, 1934 in Mexico City. At the age of ten, he took his first photograph of a road accident and then published his first photograph at the age of twelve, which earned him the nickname "El Niño" ("the child" in Spanish). A year later, he joined the Mexican sensational newspaper La Prensa as an assistant photographer, a newspaper for which he worked until 1997. In his most recent photographs, Enrique Metinides features toys from his collection (figurines, ambulances, police cars) that he photographs in front of his prints. In 2011, the Rencontres d'Arles devoted his first French retrospective to him.

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