Together (French coalition)


July 5, 2022

Ensemble, by its full name Ensemble for the Presidential Majority, known from 2021 to 2022 as Ensemble Citoyens, is a coalition of French political parties having the legal form of a party, launched on November 29, 2021 at the Maison de la Mutualité, in Paris with a view to the legislative elections of 2022, in order to bring together the presidential majority of Emmanuel Macron, outgoing President of the Republic. In May 2022, Ensemble is chaired by Richard Ferrand with two vice-presidents, François Bayrou and Édouard Philippe. Stanislas Guerini is the general secretary. Seven parties make it up: The Republic on the Move (Renaissance), the Democratic Movement, Horizons, Agir, Territories of Progress, Radical Party and In Common. In the legislative elections of 2022, the candidates will all present themselves under the label “Together! presidential majority.


This formation aims to bring together the presidential majority of Emmanuel Macron in the perspective of the presidential election of 2022 as well as to present joint candidacies for the legislative elections of 2022. In May 2022, the president of Ensemble, Richard Ferrand, indicated as an objective “a stable majority in the Assembly” “strong, united and united”. Édouard Philippe, vice-president of Ensemble, specifies that the program of Ensemble “is that of the President”. The objective is to support Emmanuel Macron over the next five years. François Bayrou, vice-president of Ensemble, indicates that the coalition will make it possible to preserve the "original character of the political sensitivities" of the three main parties, namely Renaissance, Democratic Movement and Horizons, which will be able to form a group in the National Assembly.


The coalition agreement brings together, in May 2022, three parties: La République en Marche (which is renamed for the occasion in Renaissance), the Democratic Movement and Horizons. Four other parties are mentioned (with their logo) on the official website: Agir, Territoires de progress, Parti radical and En commun. The Progressive Federation and Republican Refoundation, parties founded in the spring of 2022 respectively by François Rebsamen and Jean-Pierre Chevènement, also wish to present candidates within the coalition.



For a long time, François Bayrou, president of the Modem, proposes a gathering of the parties of the center and the center right in a "common house". In the fall of 2021, Richard Ferrand, then President of the French National Assembly, joined him to animate the Together Citizens! movement, made up of several political groups: La République en Marche, the party supporting Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic in office; Democratic Movement, Christian Democratic party chaired by François Bayrou; Act, bringing together former members of the Les Républicains party and the UDI; They were joined in the following month by the Radical Party, founded in 1901 and chaired by Laurent Hénart, by Horizons, a center-right party founded by Édouard Philippe , Territories of Progress, bringing together former members of the Socialist Party, and In Common, a party founded by Barbara Pompili and bringing together left-wing environmentalist politicians. From its formation in November 2021, the management of the association, made up of four men – François Bayrou, Richard Ferrand, Édouard Philippe and Prime Minister Jean Castex – aroused criticism. Women parliamentarians publicly acknowledge the absence of women in its composition and more generally in the governing bodies of the various components of the presidential majority. In order to promote parity and obtain positions of responsibility, female MPs created the Les Simones movement, so named in reference to