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May 23, 2022

Frankie Genaro, real name Frank DiGennaro, was an American boxer born August 26, 1901 in New York and died December 27, 1966 in Staten Island. He won the Olympic title in the flyweight category at the 1920 Summer Olympics held in Antwerp, then the title of professional world champion in 1928 and 1929.


Genaro turned professional in 1920, following his Olympic victory, and almost immediately defeated world-class boxers, including Charley Phil Rosenberg and Pancho Villa. In 1923, he won the United States championship belt after beating Villa and future world bantamweight champion Bud Taylor. He lost his US title to Fidel LaBarba in 1925 and another fight to Newsboy Brown. In 1928, he defeated Frenchy Belanger to win the NBA world title, a title he ceded on March 2, 1929 to Emile Pladner before winning the rematch organized on April 18. Genaro then successfully defended his title against Ernie Jarvis, Yvon Trevidic and Belanger. He then faces Midget Wolgast, who is recognized as a world champion by the New York State Athletic Commission. The reunification bout ultimately ends in a draw. He then beat Victor Ferrand, Jackie Harmon and Valentin Angelmann but lost his title against Young Perez on October 26, 1931. Despite a victory against future featherweight champion Joey Archibald in 1933, he preferred to retire the following year.


During his career, Frankie Genaro has fought ten world champions and three members of the International Boxing Hall of Fame. He entered it himself in 1998.


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