October 28, 2021

A dead end, also called cul-de-sac (/kyd.sak/) or dead end, is an aerial (street, lane,) or underground (gallery, tunnel) route with only one entry point, at least for vehicles, and which consequently requires making a U-turn or a reverse gear to be able to exit. The dead ends of public roads are in principle indicated by a road sign, so that the drivers, before they enter them, are warned that they will be able to leave only by where they entered. In addition, the odonym of this type of road generally begins with the term "impasse" in French, often inscribed on the street sign. Some types of dead ends allow some users to cross but not others. This is the case, for example, with dead ends. Figuratively, the dead end represents an inextricable situation, from which the protagonists can no longer get out, like such a path literally.

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