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August 15, 2022

Jô Soares, whose real name was José Eugênio Soares, born January 16, 1938 in Rio de Janeiro and died August 5, 2022 in São Paulo, was a Brazilian actor, journalist, writer, playwright and humorist, author of crime novels. He is also a television presenter, painter and songwriter.


Jô Soares studied at the Colégio São Bento in his hometown, then at the Lycée Jaccard, in Lausanne, Switzerland, in an attempt to devote himself to a diplomatic career. He also traveled to the United States, before returning to live in Rio de Janeiro in 1958. It was at this time that he began a career as a journalist and comedian that made him known in Brazil. His personality and talents are eclectic. He is also an actor (for the theater as for the cinema) and presenter of television programs, as well as playwright, musician and visual artist. In Europe, he is best known for his humorous historical detective stories. In Elementary, my dear Sarah! (O Xangô de Baker Street, 1995), the French actress Sarah Bernhardt, on tour in Brazil in 1886, calls on her friend Sherlock Holmes to find a stolen Stradivarius in an amusing pastiche of the adventures of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's hero. In The Man Who Killed Getúlio Vargas (L'uomo che uccise Getúlio Vargas, 1998), a clumsy anarchist is unable to assassinate the political figures he targets. In Meurtres à l'Académie (Assassinatos na Academia Brasileira de Letras, 2005), set in Rio de Janeiro in the 1920s, detective Machado Machado, whose father admired the writer Machado de Assis, tries to get his hands on in the collar of a serial killer who seeks to eliminate all the academicians of the Academy of Letters of Brazil. As for The Eyes Bigger Than The Belly (As Esganadas, 2011), whose action takes place in Brazil in the 1930s, a Portuguese policeman, who has become a pastry chef, sets out on the heels of an assassin who eliminates fat women in stuffing them with cakes.



Literary work


Collections of humorous stories

Humor Nos Tempos do Collor (1992), in collaboration with Luis Fernando Verissimo and Millôr Fernandes A Copa Que Ninguém Viu e a Que Não Queremos Lembrar (1994), in collaboration with Roberto Muylaert and Armando Nogueira

Notes and References


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