January Dénagan Honfo


November 30, 2021

Janvier Dénagan (born Janvier Dénagan Honfo on March 12, 1967 in Porto-Novo, Benin and died on November 22, 2021 in Germany) is a German singer, percussionist, actor and choreographer of Beninese origin.


Meaning of his first name

His first name Dénagan means "an individual will survive" in the gun-gbe language, the national language spoken in the department of Ouéme in south-eastern Benin.


He lost Beninese nationality at his request in November 1999.

Beginnings, inspiration and themes

In contact with percussionists in Benin, where he draws part of his musical knowledge, Janvier Dénagan draws his inspiration from parables and fables to make it his own philosophy of life. His musical works speak of themes of daily life including love, laughter, peace, harmony and reflection in the heart. Her first album, Aziza, mixes peasant morality and voodoo mysticism.


He died on November 22, 2021 at the age of 54 in Germany.


Janvier Dénagan has released several albums: Aziza released in 1995 Bolo Mimi released in 1997 Kebele, babalola percussions released in 1998, an album in which he explores percussion in all its splendor Kiki Kana released in 2003 He also has in his discography an afro-pop album made with the group Azuka.


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