June 2022


July 6, 2022

June 2022 is the 6th month of the year 2022.


From May 22 to June 5: 121st edition of the French Open tennis tournament (Roland Garros) in Paris. June 1st : the Danes approve by referendum the lifting of the option of withdrawal of the country from the common security and defense policy of the European Union. in China, one person is killed and 6 injured after a magnitude 5.9 earthquake hits Sichuan. June 2: A first case of monkeypox is confirmed in Morocco. June 3: derailment of a regional train in Bavaria (Germany). June 4: in the United States: a shootout kills three in a street in Philadelphia. June 5: a constitutional revision is approved by referendum in Kazakhstan five months after the revolt that shook the country. Russia carries out airstrikes on the Ukrainian capital, the first since April. The United States is marked by an outbreak of gun violence, in particular the killing in a school in Uvalde, Texas on May 24 (21 dead). Since then, more than twenty shootings with several victims have taken place, according to the association Gun Violence Archive [ref. necessary]. An attack occurs during morning service at St Francis Catholic Church in the town of Owo in southwestern Nigeria. Armed men kill many worshippers. At least 49 people are killed and more than 300 injured in a massive chemical explosion, triggered by a fire, at a container depot in Sitakunda, Bangladesh. Elizabeth II's four-day Platinum Jubilee festivities draw to a close in the UK and Commonwealth countries. June 8: In Iran, a train derailment in southern Khorassan kills 22 people. June 9: The Donetsk People's Republic sentences two Britons and a Moroccan to death who had joined the Ukrainian forces for terrorism, mercenary activities and an attempt to overthrow the government of Donetsk. In Romania, the Luțca bridge collapses and injures 1 person. June 10: In Malaysia, the Malaysian government announces that the death penalty will be abolished in the country, allowing other types of sentences. June 9 and 12: attack and massacre of Seytenga in Burkina Faso. June 11: Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, oldest living sovereign, takes second place for her longevity among the monarchs of sovereign states, second only to King Louis XIV of France, who died in 1715. She took second place place for King Rama IX of Thailand, who died in 2016. June 12: the referendum in Italy does not succeed due to a lack of participation. June 13: A passenger train and a locomotive collide in the town of Vila-seca, Catalonia, Spain, injuring 22 people. from June 13: in Ecuador, start of protest demonstrations against the Ecuadorian government. June 14: The territorial dispute known as the Whiskey Wars between Canada and Denmark over Hans Island is resolved. June 17: China launches its third aircraft carrier, Fujian, at a ceremony in Shanghai, further bolstering its ability to deploy troops overseas. It now has the second largest number of aircraft carriers of any country; behind only the eleven United States aircraft carriers but ahead of the two operated by the United Kingdom. June 18 to July 3: 2022 World Swimming Championships. June 19: in the second round of legislative elections in France, the presidential coalition obtains only a relative majority; presidential election in Colombia (2nd round), Gustavo Petro is elected; in Mali, twenty civilians are killed by armed men near Gao and a blue helmet dies in the explosion of a mine, in the north of the Sahelian country. June 21: 29 Chinese military planes enter the area of