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December 7, 2021

Kim Friele (real name Karen-Christine Friele (born Wilhelmsen on May 27, 1935 and died on November 22, 2021) is a Norwegian author and gay rights activist. She grew up in Fana kommune (no), now part of the city of Bergen.


Friele studied foreign languages, among other things, at the University of Cambridge and worked from 1958 to 1971 as a secretary in the Insurance Information Office in Oslo. On August 8, 1959, she married lawyer Ole Friele Jr. They divorced in 1961. In Oslo, Friele is part of the organization for homosexual rights, the Forbundet av 1948 - Norsk seksjon av det Danske Forbundet af 1948, of which she is the head of file from 1966 to 1971 then secretary general until 1989. The work de Friele made a strong contribution to ensuring that article 213 of the penal code, which criminalizes homosexual acts between men, was abolished in 1972. His work also enabled homosexuality to be removed from the list of psychiatric illnesses in 1978, and that the Norwegian Criminal Code extends the articles criminalizing racism (§§ 135a and 349a) to discrimination based on sexual orientation. When Norway introduced legislation governing same-sex registered partnerships in 1993, Friele and her long-time partner Wenche Lowzow (no) were one of the first couples to apply.


Friele received the Fritt Ord Prize in 1978 for "his efforts to create an understanding of the situation of homosexuals". In 2009 Friele, however, returned the prize in protest against the awarding of the prize to the philosopher Nina Karin Monsen (no). Friele also describes the prize money as "Judas' money". On June 22, 2005, during Europride, a bust of her was unveiled on Town Hall Square in Oslo. The bust is the work of Nina Sundby, and it is placed inside the Oslo Public Library. Kim Friele was named Honorary Member of the Labor Party on March 28, 2008. “You have made Norwegian society healthier,” Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said in his speech at the award ceremony. She is the guest of the NRK channel TV show Faktasjekken (no) for the book Troll skal temmes elected by the Association of Norwegian Translators and Authors of Non-Fiction as the 3rd best Norwegian book published after 1945 in the category of biographies.


Homofili (1972) Fra undertrykkelse til opprør. Om å være homofil - og være glad for det (1975) Homofil frigjøring - ditt ansvar (1980) De forsvant bare… Fragmenter av homofiles historie (1985) Troll Skal Temmes (1990) Fangene med rosa trekant - aldri mer? And femtiårsminne (1995)

Prizes and rewards

1978: Fritt Ord Prize (Friele returns it in 2009) 1989: named for the statsstipendiat 1994: Homobevegelsens Prize 1999: Humanistprisen 2000: Knight of the Order of Saint Olaf 2005: Named 4th on the Nordmann Århundrets list 2008- honorary member of the Labor Party


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