Lou Cutell


November 30, 2021

Lou Cutell, is an American actor, born October 6, 1930 in New York and died November 21, 2021 in Los Angeles.



1965: Frankenstein Meets the Spacemonster: Doctor Nadir 1968: The Wild Wild West, (TV series) Season 4 episode 13, La Nuit du Pélican (The Night of the Pelican), by Alex Nicol: Major Frederick Frey 1970: Little Big Man: Deacon 1972: Every Little Crook and Nanny: Landruncolo 1972: Goodnight, My Love (TV): Sidney 1973: The Blue Knight (TV) 1974: Rhino by Tom O'Horgan: Cashier 1974: Frankenstein Junior (Young Frankenstein): Frightened villager 1977: Funny seducer (The World's Greatest Lover): Mr. Kipper, Bakery Manager 1978: Funny muddle (Foul Play): House manager 1979: Mister Horn (Mr. Horn) (TV): Small Man 1979: The Last Word by Roy Boulting 1980: The Black Marble: Mr. Limpwood 1982: L'Usure du temps (Shoot the Moon): Willard 1982: Hooker (TV): Manager 1983: Missing Pieces (TV): Man 1985: Pee-Wee Big Adventure (Pee-Wee's Big Adventure): Amazing Larry 1985: Maxie: Art Isenberg 1986: The Chelsea Deardon Case (Legal Eagles) of Ivan Reitman: Kapstan 1986: The Malibu Bikini Shop: Speaker 1987: Tales from the Hollywood Hills: Natica Jackson (TV): Skolsky 1987: Tales from the Hollywood Hills: A Table at Ciro's (TV): Skolsky 1988: Frankenstein General Hospital: Dr. Saperstein 1988: Bird: Bride's Father 1988: The Diamond Trap (TV): Rosencrantz 1989: Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: Dr. Brainard 1989: My Mom's a Werewolf: Butcher 1991: The Voyager (Homo Faber): New York Doorman 1993: The Chronicles of San Francisco ("Tales of the City") (TV soap opera): Herb Siegel 1994: Jimmy Hollywood by Barry Levinson: Meyerhoff 1994: A Part of the Family (TV): Saul 1995: Unstrung Heroes: Uncle Melvin 1996: Norma Jean & Marilyn (TV): Henry Weinstein 1997: Love at first sight in Hollywood (Just Write): Man Guest at Luncheon 1998: The Odd Couple II: Abe 2001: Glam: Sandy Silver 2002: Laurel Canyon: old man 2005: Wedding Crashers: elderly Jew

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