Ludwig Haas


October 28, 2021

Ludwig Haas, born April 16, 1933 in Eutin and died October 12, 2021 in Neumünster, is a German actor.


Ludwig Haas is famous for the interpretations of Adolf Hitler in several films, among others alongside Jacques Dufilho, Jean Yanne and Jean-Pierre Cassel in Pétain by Jean Marboeuf (1993), in La Grande Évasion 2 with Christopher Reeve (1988) and in A Glow in the Night with Michael Douglas (1992). He has appeared in 30 other films (Le Perroquet et al) and since 1985 has played the role of Doctor Ludwig Dressler in the soap opera Lindenstraße.

Selective filmography


1986: The Assault, by Fons Rademakers: General von Braunstein 1992: Shining Through by David Seltzer: Adolf Hitler 1993: Pétain, by Jean Marboeuf: Adolf Hitler.


1975: Tatort (TV Series) Season 1 Episode 54: Schöne Belinda since 1985: Lindenstraße (TV series): Doctor Ludwig Dressler 1988: La Grande Évasion 2 (The Great Escape II: The Untold Story) by Paul Wendkos and Jud Taylor (TV movie): Adolf Hitler 1989: Inspector Derrick (television series) - season 16 episode 5: Die Stimme des Mörders: the lawyer 1998: Wolff, Criminal Police (TV Series) - Season 7 Episode 7: Die Tote an der S-Bahn: Kaminski 1992: Inspector Derrick - Season 19 Episode 7: Eine eiskalte Nummer: Kramer 1992: Tatort Season 1 Episode 257: Experiment: Professor Wimmer

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