Margot Eskens


August 15, 2022

Margot Eskens (born August 12, 1936 in Düren – died at Lake Wörthersee on July 29, 2022) was a German schlager singer who enjoyed success mainly in the 1950s and 1960s.


After an apprenticeship as a dental assistant, she won the competition for young singers organized by Polydor, which enabled her to record the title Moulin Rouge. It is a great success that leads to the signing of a contract. In October 1955, she recorded Ich möchte heut ausgehn. She was number one in 1956 with Tiritomba and in 1957 with Cindy, Oh Cindy. She is also successful in her duet with Silvio Francesco then others with René Carol, Willy Hagara, Udo Jürgens, Will Brandes or Peter Alexander. She owes her success to the work of lyricist and producer Kurt Feltz (de), with whom she worked until 1961. She then collaborated with Hans Bertram (de). Their first song, Ein Herz, das kann man nicht kaufen, marched in 1962. With this title, she participated in the Deutsche Schlager-Festspiele. She finished third behind Cornelia Froboess, the winner, and Siw Malmkvist. In 1963, Heidi Brühl was nominated directly to represent Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 1963; she cannot for health reasons. Margot Eskens replaces her and sings in her place the song Marcel which was made for her. She was called upon again - directly - for the 1966 competition with the title Die Zeiger der Uhr and finished tenth. Thereafter, his success faded. His contracts with CBS and Columbia failed, although in 1977 the song Denk nicht an morgen briefly appeared on the charts. When her husband died, she retired to Lake Wörthersee in Carinthia. In 2013, doctors having diagnosed her with Alzheimer's disease, she was interned in a nursing home.


Singles Ich möcht heut ausgehn, 1955. Tiritomba, 1956. Mamatschi, 1956. In dem Kleinen Cafe, 1956. Peterle, 1956. Cindy oh Cindy, 1957. Calypso Italiano, 1957. (with Silvio Francesco) Himmelblaue Serenade, 1958 (with Silvio Francesco). Vergiß nicht so schnell, 1958 (with Peter Alexander). Drei Takte Musik im Herzen, 1959 (with Udo Jürgens). Mondschein-Party, 1959 (Silvio Francesco). Vergiß nicht, daß ich bei dir bin, 1961 (with René Carol). Ich möcht mit dir verheiratet sein (with Will Brandes). Mom, 1964. Die Zeiger der Uhr, 1966. Das Leben ist schön, 1975. Vom Baum gefallen, 2005.LPsBonjour la France, 1963 Serenade der Liebe, 1964 Achterbahn der Liebe, 2010 (for the 2010 FIFA World Cup)

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