Mars 1991


May 20, 2022


Foundation of Mercosur, common market of Latin America. March 3: End of the second Gulf War. March 10, (Formula 1): United States Grand Prix. March 23: Beginning of the Sierra Leone Civil War. March 24: 1991 Brazilian Grand Prix. March 26: military coup in Mali.


March 4: Carles Planas, Spanish footballer. Amixem, French youtuber March 5: Mathieu Guillon, French matador. March 6: Tyler, The Creator, rapper, record producer, music video director and American actor. March 13: François Affolter, Swiss footballer. March 14: Stéphanie Barré: French karateka. March 18 – Ryan Belhsen, Moroccan singer. March 20: Alexis Pinturault, French alpine skier and World champions in 2021. March 21: Antoine Griezmann, French footballer. March 25: Soukayna El Aouni, Moroccan taekwondo player.


March 2: Serge Gainsbourg, composer and singer (° April 2, 1928). March 15: George Sherman, American producer and director. March 16: Govindan Aravindan, Indian director. Urbain Caffi, cyclist of Italian origin naturalized French (° January 10, 1917). James Darcy Freeman, Australian Cardinal, Archbishop of Sydney (° 19 November 1907). Santa Scorese, Servant of God, considered by the Catholic Church as a martyr of purity (° February 6, 1968). March 18: Dezider Kardoš, Slovak composer and teacher (° December 22, 1914). March 20: Connor Clapton, son of Eric Clapton (August 21, 1986) March 21: Leo Fender (Clarence Leonidas Fender), guitar industrialist (° August 10, 1909). March 25: Archbishop Lefebvre, man of the Church (November 29, 1905). March 29: Guy Bourdin French fashion and advertising photographer.

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