Massage therapist


May 23, 2022

A masseur-kinesitherapist, or physiotherapist, is the health professional who practices physiotherapy. In most cases, he works in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team made up of physical rehabilitation therapists, doctors, nurses, psychomotor therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, audiologists, psychologists and social workers.

In France

In France, physiotherapy is practiced by masseurs-physiotherapists.

Initial training

The initial training of physiotherapists currently takes place over 5 years: a first validated university year followed by four years in a training institute in masso-kinesitherapy (IFMK). The selection is governed by the decree of June 16, 2015. The following may be admitted to the first year of preparatory studies for the state diploma of masseur-physiotherapist, within the limits of the authorized places: students who have validated the first year common to health studies (PACES); students who have validated the first year of a bachelor's degree in science, mention "sciences and techniques of physical and sports activities" (STAPS); students who have completed a first year of a license in the field of science, technology, health. It is also possible to enter an IFMK through gateways, this mode of admission is governed by the decree of September 2, 2015 Thus can be admitted on file and interview, within the limit of place equal to 5% of the entry quota: Holders of one of the diplomas mentioned below: - State diploma in nursing; - State diploma in pedicure-podiatry; - State diploma of occupational therapist; - state diploma in psychomotrician; - State diploma of medical electroradiology manipulator and diploma of higher technician in medical imaging and therapeutic radiology; - certificate of competence as a speech therapist; - certificate of orthoptist capacity; - general education diploma in medical sciences; - general training diploma in midwifery sciences; - general education diploma in odontological sciences; - general education diploma in pharmaceutical sciences; Holders of a bachelor's degree in the field of science, technology, health and holders of a bachelor's degree in science mentioning "sciences and techniques of physical and sports activities" (STAPS); Holders of a recognized master's degree. There is also a gateway for high-level athletes (decree of August 26, 2010). The ENKRE (National School of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation) in Saint-Maurice thus welcomes 20 students from three STAPS faculties each year [ref. desired]. Every year, it also offers admission to 10 top-level athletes, who can follow the training while continuing their sporting practice; The forty massokinesitherapy training institutes (IFMK), which train 2,700 young health professionals each year, have different legal statuses: private for profit, association or public. In France there are also 4 establishments (Lyon, Paris, Villejuif, Limoges) training people with visual impairments in the profession of masseur-physiotherapist. Initial training outside the public sector is relatively expensive. Registration fees average €3,500/year but vary greatly from one institute to another (€181 to €8,850 depending on the institute). The training is organized in each institute by a director or technical director (massager-physiotherapist health executive) assisted by MK trainer health executives. The studies are on the alternating mode, the students being for half of their time in practice with patients and for half in theoretical courses and practical work in a training institute. The training