Miquel Barceló García


November 30, 2021

Miquel Barceló García, born November 30, 1948 in Mataró (Catalonia) and died November 23, 2021, is a doctor of computer science, aeronautical engineer and graduate in nuclear energy from Spain, also editor, translator and writer, specializing in the genre of science -fiction.


On the professional side, Miquel Barceló García directed and coordinated the doctoral program on sustainability, technology and humanism at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. He has been, for many years, professor at the Faculty of Informatics of Barcelona, ​​since its creation in 1976, specifically at the Department of Engineering of Services and Information Systems of UPC. As editor, he worked for Ediciones B, where he managed the NOVA collection, specializing in science fiction stories and novels. On many occasions, Miquel Barceló García adds an introductory article to the books he publishes in this collection.

Published work

El otoño de las estrellas (Roman court, 2001) with Pedro Jorge Romero. Testimoni de Narom (Roman court, 1998) with Pedro Jorge Romero. Winner of the Vanished Jules Verne Science Fiction Story Award from Andorra. Ciencia ficción: Guía de lectura (essay, 1990). Cuentos de ciencia ficción (anthology, 1998) with Pedro Jorge Romero. Paradojas en la la ciencia ficción II (test, Sirius 2005). La ciència-ficció (essay, 2006). Una història de la informàtica (essay, UOC 2008). Ciencia Ficción. Nueva guía de lectura (essay, 2015).


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