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August 15, 2022

Mozaffar-al-Din Šâh (Persian: مظفرالدین شاه / Moẓaffar-al-Din Šâh), born March 25, 1853 and died January 3, 1907 in Tehran, was the Shah of Iran between June 1, 1896 and January 3, 1907.


Like his father Nassereddine Chah, he visited Europe three times, and during these periods he had to borrow money from Nicholas II in order to pay his travel expenses. He is considered by historians to be a weak ruler, and he relied on his chancellor to lead the country in his place. In the last year of his life, Iran (Persia) experienced a constitutional revolution, whereby the power of the monarch was weakened as he granted a constitution and a parliament to his people. He died 40 days after authorizing the constitution. During his reign, Mozaffareddine tried to carry out reforms of the central treasury; however, the previous debt left by the Qajar court, to both England and Russia, significantly undermined its efforts. D'Arcy's oil concession was also granted during his reign, giving effective control of Iranian oil reserves to Britain for 60 years. It was Mozaffareddine who introduced cinema to Iran in 1900 after a visit to Contrexéville [evasive].


Mozaffareddine is the great-grandfather of Ardeshir Zahedi (Persian: اردشیر زاهدی), an Iranian diplomat born on October 16, 1928 in Tehran, who played an important role in the 1960s and 1970s as Minister of Foreign Affairs and ambassador to the United States and the United Kingdom. His descent merges with that of the former Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (1919-1980), through the eldest daughter of the latter, Chahnaz Pahlavi.


Son of Nassereddine Chah (July 17, 1831 - assassinated May 1, 1896) and Shukuh us-Saltaneh. Married to Am al Khaghan with: Mohammad Ali Shah (June 21, 1872 – April 5, 1925), who succeeded his father as Shah of Iran (1907) Married (?) - including: Prince Malik Mansur Mirza Shua us-Saltaneh (March 30, 1880 - 1923) Prince Abul Fath Mirza Salaruddaulah (1 November 1881 – 1961) Abul Fazl Adud us-Saltaneh (October 21, 1882) Hussein Gholi Mirza Nosrat O Saltaneh (1884-1945) Nasiruddin Mirza (May 4, 1896) Prince Ali Reza Azod-os-Sultan († October 21, 1922) Married (?) - including: Fakhr od-Dowleh (1870 - 1953/1961) Ihteram us-Saltaneh (1871 - 1902) Ashraf us-Saltaneh (1873 - 1904/1905) Ezzat-ol-Saltaneh (1874 - ) Kamar us-Saltaneh (1875 - 1924) Nur us-Saltaneh (1878 - ) Shukuh us-Saltaneh (1880 - 1925) Shukuh ud-Daulah (1880 - ) Ashraf ul-Mulk (1883 - ) Akdas us-Saltaneh (1884 - ) Nuzhet ul-Mulk (1892 - ) Married to Hazrat-e-Olia

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