November 2021


November 28, 2021

November 2021 is the 11th month of the year 2021.


November 1 to 13: COP 26 in Glasgow, UK. November 2: attack on the military hospital in Kabul (Afghanistan); US elections of 2021; governorate elections in New Jersey and Virginia; 2021 municipal elections in New York. November 3: Senegalese writer Mohamed Mbougar Sarr receives the Goncourt Prize for his novel La Plus Secrète Mémoire des hommes. November 4: legislative elections in the Malvinas Islands. November 5: tanker explosion in Freetown, Sierra Leone; a stampede kills 8 during a music festival in the United States. November 7: general elections in Nicaragua, President Daniel Ortega is reelected; municipal elections in Quebec; attempted assassination of Mustafa al-Kazimi, Iraqi statesman, Prime Minister since 2020. November 9: in Cape Verde, José Maria Neves is invested president and succeeds Jorge Carlos Fonseca. November 12 to November 21: World Petanque Championships in Santa Susanna, Spain; November 14: legislative elections in Argentina; presidential and parliamentary elections in Bulgaria; Dubai Airshow. November 15: Mondial du Bâtiment in Paris. November 17: start of the 2021 revolt in the French Antilles. November 18: Tongan legislative elections in 2021. November 19: partial lunar eclipse, visible from Asia, Australia, Oceania, North America and South America; during Joe Biden's hospitalization for anesthesia exams, the office of president is transferred to his vice president Kamala Harris, technically making her the first female president of the United States for less than 2 hours. 21 November : 2nd round of the Bulgarian presidential election; parliamentary and presidential elections and regional elections in Chile; regional and municipal elections in Venezuela; a bus accident in Bulgaria kills 46. November 24: the NASA DART mission is to test the use of an impactor-type device to deflect an asteroid that is likely to strike the Earth, the satellite equipped with an ion engine is to be launched in November 2021 and strike the binary asteroid (65803 ) Didymos. in Sweden, the Riksdag elects Magdalena Andersson as prime minister, the first woman to hold this post, but she resigns a few hours later; the sinking of a migrant boat in the English Channel kills 28. November 25: in Russia, the Listviajnaya mining disaster kills 51 people. November 28: general elections in Honduras; parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan; Petr Fiala is appointed President of the Government of the Czech Republic. November 30: Barbados becomes a constitutional republic replacing the constitutional monarchy.

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