Paolo Pietrangeli


November 30, 2021

Paolo Pietrangeli, born April 29, 1945 in Rome (Italy) and died November 22, 2021, is an Italian activist, singer and songwriter, actor, director and screenwriter, television presenter and writer. His song Contessa (it) is considered as a hymn of the protest movements of May 1968 in Italy. He made six films between 1975 and 2001. His 1977 film, If Pigs Had Wings (it), premiered at the 27th Berlin International Film Festival. His television talk show, the Maurizio Costanzo Show (it), and his tele-hook show, Amici di Maria De Filippi, hold the longevity records on Italian television.


Paolo Pietrangeli is the son of director Antonio Pietrangeli. He began to work from 1966 with the Italian Communist Party within the framework of the Istituto E. De Martino, giving rise to several political and successful songs, the best known of which are Valle Giulia and Contessa (it). After a first album in 1969 and four discs between 1973 and 1979, ten new opus appeared from 1989. In the cinema, after small roles in two of his father's films, he was assistant director from 1968. From 1972, he worked on documentary films, including the political film Bianco e nero. His first fictional film was Porci con le ali in 1977, from which he wrote the screenplay for the bestseller by Lidia Rivera and Marco Lombardo Radice. This portrait of a young left-wing activist in crisis is succeeded by the autobiographical film I giorni cantati. On television, he directed the Maurizio Costanzo Show (it) from 1982. From 1985 he was also responsible for the sitcom Orazio (it). As a presenter, he plays the fictional character "Bobo" in the program Drive 1984. At the theater, in 1997, he offered the play Tabloid with Daniele Luttazzi. Since 1996, he has been a candidate for several elected mandates on several occasions, without being elected. Since 2009, he has been a member of the Left, Ecology and Freedom party.



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1975: Bianco e nero (it), documentary 1977: If pigs had wings (it) (Porci con le ali) 1979: I giorni cantati (it) 1982-2001: Maurizio Costanzo Show (it), television talk-show 1984: L'addio a Enrico Berlinguer (it), documentary 1989: Preferisco vivere, TV movie 1995: Roma dodici November 1994, short documentary 2000: C'è posta per te (it), television program 2001: Amici di Maria De Filippi, tele-hook show 2001: Genova. Per noi (it), documentary 2001: Un altro mondo è possibile (it), documentary 2002: La primavera del 2002 - L'Italia protesta, l'Italia si ferma, video documentary 2006: Ignazio, video





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Una spremuta di vite, Navarra editions, Palermo, 2015 La pistola di Garibaldi Biblion editions, Milan, 2019

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