Parliament of Montenegro


May 23, 2022

The Parliament of Montenegro (Montenegrin: Скупштина Црне Горе romanized: Skupština Crne Gore) is the unicameral institution responsible for the exercise of legislative power and control of government in Montenegro. Democratically elected for the first time in 1990, within the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, he proclaimed the independence of Montenegro on June 3, 2006, following a referendum to that effect.


In the first place, it is up to him to adopt the laws, on the proposal of one deputy, or more, of the government or of at least six thousand voters. Laws concerning electoral rights and foreign property rights require a two-thirds majority. The deputies invest and dismiss the Prime Minister, the ministers, the president of the Supreme Court, of the Constitutional Court, and the judges of the latter. They choose the attorney general, the protector of human rights and freedoms and the governor of the central bank.

Electoral system

The Parliament of Montenegro has 81 seats filled for four years by multi-member proportional voting with blocked lists in a single national electoral constituency. The seats are distributed according to the d'Hondt method to all the parties having crossed the electoral threshold of 3% of the votes cast. Parties representing an ethnic minority whose members total at least 15% of the population of a district are however partly freed from this threshold, which is then lowered to 0.7%, for a maximum of three seats. For parties representing the Croatian minority, it drops to 0.35% and gives the right to one seat.


Since April 28, 2022, it has been chaired by Danijela Đurović, of the Socialist People's Party of Montenegro.


Risto Vukcevic (1992-1994) Svetozar Marovic (1994-2001) Vesna Perovic (2001-2002) Filip Vujanovic (2002-2003) Dragan Kujović (acting, 2003) Ranko Krivokapic (2003-2016) Milutin Simovic (acting, 2016) Darko Pajovic (2016) Marija Ćatović (acting, 2016) Ivan Brajovic (2016-2020) Miodrag Lekic (interim, 2020) Aleksa Becic (2020-2022) Strahinja Bulajic (acting, 2022) Danijela Đurović (since 2022)

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