Paul Bladt


May 20, 2022

Paul Bladt, born June 1, 1931 in Metz (Moselle) and died May 8, 2022 in Saint-Avold (Moselle), was a French trade unionist and politician.


Apprentice fitter, Paul Bladt discovered the JOC and got involved at the age of 17, to the point of becoming the departmental president for Moselle in 1951, then permanent from 1954. Having left the JOC in 1957, he was hired as a fitter at the Lorraine coal mines. Activist then at the CFTC, he became part-time permanent in 1963. During the transformation of the CFTC into CFDT, in 1964, he had to rebuild his union almost entirely at the local level, the vast majority of activists having decided to continue in the "maintained" CFTC. He quickly became secretary general of the Cedtist union of miners in Lorraine. Member of the national office of the CFDT federation of mines in 1965, he turned from the 1970s towards political action. Member of the Socialist Party in 1972, he was elected mayor of Cocheren in 1977, constantly re-elected until his resignation in 1997, he was asked to be a candidate for the legislative elections in 1978, but declined. In 1981, on the other hand, he took advantage of the “pink wave” which followed the election of François Mitterrand and entered the National Assembly. In 1986, however, he did not seek the renewal of his mandate. Elected general councilor of Moselle in 1988, he then moved away from political and public life. In 2008, Paul Bladt retired to Cocheren in the city of Belle-Roche, to live his retirement there. He dies in May 2022.

Detail of functions and mandates

Local officesMarch 20, 1977 - March 15, 1997: Mayor of CocherenOctober 2, 1988 - March 16, 2008: Moselle General Councilor for the canton of Behren-lès-Forbach Parliamentary mandateJune 21, 1981 - April 1, 1986: Member of Parliament for the 6th constituency of Moselle

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