Prime Minister of Sweden


November 30, 2021

The Prime Minister of Sweden (Swedish: Statsminister, literally Minister of State) is the head of government of the Kingdom of Sweden.


In the Constitution of 1809, the executive power is entirely reserved for the king or the queen of the country. This appoints a state council (statsråd) which comprises two ministers of state: the minister of state for justice (Justitiestatsminister) and the minister of state for foreign affairs (utrikestatsminister). The office of Prime Minister (Statsminister) was detached from the Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs in 1876: it was therefore the title carried by the head of government. From 1917 he was responsible to the Riksdag and exercised the royal prerogative, a de jure state of affairs recognized in the Instruments of Government of 1974. Only two Prime Ministers died in office: Per Albin Hansson (heart attack in 1946) and Olof Palme (assassinated in 1986). Since 1995, the official residence of the Prime Minister has been the Sager house (Sagerska huset), located on Stockholms ström, directly opposite the Royal Palace in Stockholm. His office is in the Rosenbad, not far away. He carried the predicate of "His Excellency" until 1974.


After each election, the Speaker of the Swedish Parliament presents a proposal for a new Prime Minister who is usually the president of the leading party or coalition; the latter is then appointed by Parliament, which instructs him to form a government.

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