Regiment Adomaitis


July 3, 2022

Regimantas Adomaitis, born January 31, 1937 in Šiauliai, Lithuania and died June 20, 2022, was a Soviet and then Lithuanian theater and film actor.


Regimantas Adomaitis is the son of Vaïtkous and Kotrina Adomaitis. In 1954, he began studying at the Physical Mathematical Faculty of Vilnius University. Towards the end of his studies, he enrolled in the Faculty of Dramatic Arts at the Vilnius Conservatory and graduated in 1962. He then worked at the Drama Theater in Marijampolė (lt) in 1962-1963, then at the Drama Theater in Kaunas in 1963-1967. From 1967 he was an actor in the National Drama Theater of Lithuania. He also collaborates with the Russian Drama Theater of Lithuania. In 1981 Regimantas Adomaitis received the National Prize of the German Democratic Republic. In 1985, he was distinguished People's Artist of the USSR. The same year, he was a member of the jury of the 35th Berlin Film Festival. The artist has been a member of Sąjūdis since 1988.

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1979: People's Artist of the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic 1981: National Prize of the German Democratic Republic 1985: People's Artist of the USSR 1997: Order of Grand Duke Gediminas

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