Child developmental delay


May 23, 2022

Child Developmental Delay

Child developmental delay is a delay that affects several areas of psychomotor, physical or cognitive development. Developmental delay affects young children. From a certain age (6, 7 or 8 years old, opinions differ), either the child has caught up or a more precise diagnosis can be made: attention disorders, intellectual disability, "DYS" , neurodevelopmental disorder, etc. We speak of developmental delay only when the delay is present in several domains (motor, cognitive, affective, relational or language development). Children do not develop all domains in a linear and synchronous way. Thus often a child who walks late will have developed his language before the others. So when the delay affects only one area, we will give the child time to “catch up”. If it does not catch up, we will often detect a specific disorder in the domain concerned by the delay (for example a DYS disorder). We speak of global developmental delay when the delay is very significant and affects almost all areas of development. If the delay is slight, it is sometimes referred to as lag in acquisitions or simple delay.

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