Richard Dourthe


July 5, 2022

Richard Dourthe, born December 13, 1974 in Dax, is a French rugby union player who plays as a center. He played in six French clubs, Dax, the French Stade Paris, again Dax then Béziers, Bègles Bordeaux, Castres Olympique and Aviron bayonnais. He has 31 international caps with the France team scoring 183 points. He then converted to a career as a coach, with Bayonne and Dax, and as a rugby consultant.


Club career

Richard Dourthe was trained at the US Dax where he played from the age of 6. He made his first match for the first team at 17, in the round of 16 of the 1991-1992 championship, against Bourgoin. During the following season, he won the French champion in the Reichel category by beating FC Grenoble in the final, with teammates Raphaël Ibañez, Olivier Magne and Pascal Giordani. During the 1993-1994 season, he participated in the semi-final lost at Parc Lescure in Bordeaux against Stade Toulousain with a score of 30 to 23. In May 1996, he scored his team's 25 points in the victory against the Toulon Rugby club in the quarter-finals of the 1995-1996 championship, then was one of the eight internationals in the Dacquois squad, with Pascal Giordani, Olivier Magne, Christophe Milhères, Fabien Pelous, Olivier Roumat, Raphaël Ibañez and Laurent Rodriguez who faced the Stade Toulouse in the semi-finals, a match lost 36 to 23 with 10 points from Dourthe. In 1998, at the request of Stade Toulouse and Stade Français, he joined the latter club, due to the presence as manager of Bernard Laporte and president of Max Guazzini. The results did not live up to his expectations: the club was at the end of a cycle after the title of the previous season, he injured his hip at the end of the season and Bernard Laporte left the club to take on the role of coach of the France team. He returns to Dax for a season. He was then asked by Louis Nicollin to join the AS Béziers club, a club where he played for two seasons. On March 24, 2001, he scored 42 points in a disputed match against Stade Montois, including one try, two conversions and eleven penalties, which was then a record in the professional history of the French championship. Encouraged by the presence of Bernard Laporte, he joined Bègles Bordeaux but the club's project failed and Laporte retired. It is then Ugo Mola who allows his recruitment within the Olympic Castres. He played there before the club changed managers to Laurent Seigne. The latter, eager to rebuild a team according to his ideas, let influential players like Dourthe, Mola, Mario Ledesma or Mauricio Reggiardo go. In 2005, he joined Aviron Bayonnais. He must find a place in a group united by a rise in the Top 16, then by a season where the club ensures its maintenance in a season where the elite sees four clubs go down to go from sixteen to fourteen. His good integration allows him to occupy the role of captain after a season and a half. Richard Dourthe is the best director in the history of the French championship with, according to sources, 3,004 or 3,040 points.

International Career

It was in 1995, during the first edition of the Latin Cup, a competition between the teams of Argentina, France, Italy and Romania, that he obtained his first international cap. This takes place on October 17, 1995 against Romania. He is playing his second match in this competition, against Argentina. He also started in two games against New Zealand, the first won 22-15 by the French at the Stadium in Toulouse, a match where he scored his first try for the France team thanks to a counter on a clearance by Simon Culhane ,. The following week, at the Parc des Princes,