Just for your eyes


October 28, 2021

For Your Eyes Only is a British film directed by John Glen, released in 1981. It is the 12th installment in the series of James Bond films produced by EON Productions. Roger Moore plays James Bond for the fifth time. Just For Your Eyes is the film adaptation of the short stories Top secret (or Operation Quiver) and Risico, taken from Ian Fleming's collection Bons kisses de Paris, published in 1960.



Bond visits the grave of his wife, Teresa "Tracy" Bond, who died at the end of On Her Majesty's Secret Service. He has just enough time to lay flowers when a helicopter from Universal Exports comes to pick him up. But this helicopter is trapped and controlled by Ernst Stavro Blofeld while in a wheelchair. James Bond manages to enter the cockpit through the exterior then disconnects the remote control system. He then grabs Blofeld and his wheelchair and throws them into a large industrial fireplace.

Ionian Sea

The Saint-George, British spy boat, sinks in Albanian waters on the edge of the Greek border after hitting a mine, engulfing with it the ATAC, a top secret missile launching system. The British secret services launch a discreet submarine operation to recover the device. The operation is led by a couple of marine archaeologists, Timothy and Iona Havelock. But the Cuban killer Hector Gonzales abruptly interrupts the research by murdering the couple in front of his daughter Melina. James Bond then enters the scene and goes to investigate.


In Spain, Gonzales is killed by Melina, but Bond manages to see before running away with her a man who paid Gonzales. A chase then follows where Bond is forced to drive Mélina's 2cv. Thanks to Q's technology, he manages to identify this man as Émile Leopold Locque.


Bond then travels to Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy to investigate Locque. There, he is helped by an agent of the Italian secret services, Luigi Ferrara, who puts him in contact with Aristotle Kristatos, who informs him that Locque works for Columbo, a Greek trafficker, and former friend of Kristatos. Bond also finds Melina, who was attracted to Locque in order to kill her, he manages to save her narrowly and begs her to return to Greece to pursue her father's business, promising him to find her then, she accepts. Bond then narrowly escapes an assassination attempt on Locque and Erich Kriegler, an agent in the service of the USSR. After saying goodbye to Bibi, a promising young athlete who lives under the tutelage of Kristatos, he discovers the lifeless body of Luigi, killed by Locque.


In Corfu, Bond and Kristatos go to a casino to find out more about Columbo. Bond leaves with Countess Lisl von Schlaf, who is killed the next day by Locque. As the latter prepares to kill Bond, men from Columbo arrive, kill his accomplice, and force him to flee. Bond then meets Columbo, who assures him that Locque is actually working for Kristatos, who has tried to pit them against each other. Kristatos is paid by the Russians to recover the ATAC. In order to prove to him that he can trust him, Columbo invites Bond at night to attack a warehouse in Kristatos. In this warehouse, Bond finds Locque once again. The latter blows up the warehouse before fleeing, but Bond manages to catch up with him and injure him. Locque's car stops unsteadily on the edge of a precipice, Bond arrives and pushes it, causing Locque to crash into the fall. The warehouse destroyed and Locque dead, Bond then joins Mélina in order to find the wreck of the Saint-George. They manage to find him

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