Earthquake of June 22, 2022 in Afghanistan


July 3, 2022

The June 22, 2022 earthquake in Afghanistan is an earthquake with a moment magnitude of 5.9 that struck several regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan on either side of the Durand line, the border between the two countries. The earthquake occurred on June 22, 2022 at 2:24 a.m. Afghanistan time (UTC+04:30). Although considered moderate in magnitude, it proved to be extremely destructive, claiming over a thousand lives and destroying hundreds of homes.

Human and material damage

At least 1,000 people died and 1,500 were injured. This earthquake is the deadliest that has occurred in the region of Gardêz in Afghanistan, the epicenter being in the province of Khost. Indeed, the earthquake of February 11, 1999 (Mw: 5.8) had caused the death of 70 people, that of May 20, 1992 (Mw: 6.0) of 36 people, and that of April 16, 2009 (Mw: 5 ,4) of 19 people. Three of the reasons for this large number of victims are: on the one hand, the region was affected by strong monsoons. These rains have weakened the traditional dwellings made of earth or other natural materials sensitive to water. on the other hand, the earthquake took place in the middle of the night, therefore with the populations inside the houses. finally, its home is at shallow depth, which favors a greater impact on the surface.

Characteristics of the earthquake

According to the United States Geological Survey, the earthquake had a moment magnitude of 5.95 and occurred at a depth of 10 km. According to the IPGP (France), the moment magnitude would be 6.2 and the depth 6 km. The focus mechanism indicates a mainly strike-slip backlash: (azimuth, dip, rake) (200.70,-3) / (290.88,-160).

Notes and References

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