September 1906


May 21, 2022


September 1st : In Interlaken, the Russian anarchist Tatiana Leontieva assassinates a curist she takes for the former Russian Minister of the Interior. Russia: Field military courts: 1000 death sentences in 8 months (08/19 of the Julian calendar). September 13: Alberto Santos-Dumont performs a 20-meter flight on his 14 Bis plane. This is the first time in the world that a heavier-than-air "flight" has taken place in public. September 14: United States intervention in Cuba (1906-1909). September 20: Bali massacres . The rajah of Badung (Denpasar) commits suicide (puputan) with his subjects in front of the Dutch advance.September 23 - 29: Socialist Congress in Mannheim, Germany: Liegen-Bebel clash ends with recognition of autonomy unions.September 29: William Howard Taft becomes provisional governor of Cuba.September 30: First awarding of the Gordon Bennett Aeronautical Cup for balloons to Frank Lahm, Lieutenant of the United States Army, and Major Henry Hersey who perform a flight of 641 km. Leaving from Paris, from the Tuileries gardens, they land after 22 hours and 15 minutes of flight in Fyling-Dales in Yorkshire in the north of England.


September 1: Joaquín Balaguer Ricardo, Dominican politician († 2002). September 5: Peter Mieg, Swiss composer, painter and writer († December 7, 1990). September 14: Flávio Costa, Brazilian football player and coach († November 22, 1999). Jan Diddens, Belgian footballer († July 31, 1972). September 15: Jacques Becker, director, actor, French screenwriter († 1960). September 16: Maurice Sachs, French writer († April 14, 1945). September 25: Dmitri Shostakovich, music composer († 1975). September 30: Mireille, singer, actress and television host († September 3, 1996).


September 5: Ludwig Boltzmann, Austrian physicist (° February 20, 1844).

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