September 1962


November 30, 2021


September 1st Iran: A magnitude 7 earthquake kills 12,225 in Qazvin in the northwest of the country. Singapore: a referendum allows integration into the Malaysian federation. September 2: Cuba: "reinforcement" of Soviet military and technical aid to Cuba on the occasion of Che Guevara's visit to Moscow. Soviet soldiers stationed in Cuba. September 4, France: General Charles de Gaulle's first visit to Bonn, which seals Franco-German reconciliation September 8: birth of Jean-Félix Lalanne, French guitarist and composer September 11, Soviet Union: Moscow warns Washington against any attack on Cuba. 12 September: United States: Kennedy delivers the “We choose to go to the moon” speech. Great Britain: John Vassall, Admiralty official in the United Kingdom, arrested. He was sentenced in October to 18 years in prison for having sold military secrets to the USSR. September 13, United States: the United States warns Moscow against the installation of offensive weapons in Cuba. September 16 ( Formula 1): Italian Grand Prix. September 18, UN: the 17th general assembly of the organization admits Jamaica, Uganda, Rwanda and Trinidad and Tobago to sit on September 19, Great Britain: resumption of negotiations for the United Kingdom's entry into the EEC. September 20, France: in an address to the television news, De Gaulle announces a referendum on the election of the President of the Republic by universal suffrage, to be held on October 28 September 21: China, India: the border conflict between China and India degenerates into an armed conflict. September 22, France: opening of an information against Jacques Soustelle for conspiracy against the authority of the State. September 25, Algeria: the president of the Algerian National Assembly, Ferhat Abbas, proclaims the democratic and popular republic of Algeria September 26: Algeria: Following his victory over the GPRA, Ahmed Ben Bella is elected Prime Minister of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria. Algeria is admitted to the UN in the presence of Ben Bella. North Yemen: A group of soldiers tries to overthrow the monarchy. They proclaim the Republic, but the sovereign Muhammad al-Badr manages to escape and organize the resistance. Nasser decides to send a military contingent against the monarchist guerrillas, which quickly reached 50,000 men. The United States recognizes the Yemeni Republic and grants it economic aid. September 27, Spain: a flood kills 440 in Barcelona. September 29, Canada: Alouette 1 is launched into space. Canada becomes the third country to have an artificial satellite around the earth.


September 2: Dominique Farrugia, French humorist. September 7: Cliff Simon, South African actor († March 9, 2021). September 8: Jean-Félix Lalanne, French guitarist and composer. September 12: Samy Badibanga, Kino-Congolese statesman. September 14: Stéphane Durand, Quebec physicist and professor. Sylvie Fontaine, French comic book author. Robert Herjavec, Canadian businessman, investor and business leader. Madhavi, Indian actress. Hamlet Mkhitaryan, Armenian international footballer († May 2, 1996). Yevgeny Roïzman, Russian politician. René Sylvestre, Haitian lawyer († June 23, 2021). Félix Wazekwa, Congolese artist, musician and lyricist. September 17: Baz Luhrmann, Australian director. September 24: Nia Vardalos, actress. September 25: Kalthoum Sarraï, childcare assistant and Franco-Tunisian television host († January 20, 2010). September 28: Grant Fuhr, professional ice hockey player.


September 12: Dick Justice, country singer (° 1906). September 21: Marie Bonaparte, princess, written

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