November 30, 2021

Tintin is a Belgian fictional character created by the cartoonist Hergé in the cartoon series Les Aventures de Tintin, of which he is the main character. He appears for the first time in the youth supplement Le Petit Vingtième of the Belgian newspaper Le Vingtième Siècle, with the adventures of Tintin in the land of the Soviets in 1929. He is considered as the "descendant" of Totor, scout leader created by Hergé in 1926 for the Belgian Boy-Scout magazine. Tintin is a young reporter, always accompanied on his travels by his fox terrier Snowy. He is joined in his adventures by Captain Haddock from the album Le Crabe aux pincers d'or, then by Professor Calculus from the album Le Trésor de Rackham le Rouge. His path also very often crosses that of the detectives Dupond and Dupont and more occasionally that of the singer Bianca Castafiore, whom he meets in the adventure Le Scepter d'Ottokar. Tintin is a great traveler: among other destinations, he goes to the USSR, the Belgian Congo, India, Egypt, China and Tibet, Peru, and he even goes as far as walking on the moon. If the Belgianness of Tintin remains, it has long been transcended by the universal enthusiasm for this hero known to millions of readers. Tintin has indeed become a major character in comics around the world.

Physical characteristics

Tintin appears for the first time in the album Tintin in the land of the Soviets. The drawing of her face is rather sketchy, with a round head, two black dots for the eyes, as well as a small round nose, while her silhouette is only briefly sketched out. Its physical characteristics gradually take shape, in particular its puff, lifted by the wind on the eighth plate of this album, when it starts off with a bang in a convertible Mercedes, and which will never fall again. Hergé subsequently retains this physical trait that makes his hero so recognizable. In color albums, his hair color varies from blond to red, like that of a popular singer famous and often imitated during Hergé's youth, Félix Mayol, whose round face was also topped with a puff.


The origin of the character of Tintin can have several sources. Thus, the designer Benjamin Rabier, collaborator of the newspaper Le Rire, invents the character of Tintin-Lutin which he publishes from 1897. Rabier notably puts in images a journey of Tintin-Lutin on a motorcycle to Moscow. The character of Joseph Rouletabille, created in 1907 by Gaston Leroux, is also a figure close to Tintin, obviously, since, like him, he is very young and a journalist, acts as an amateur detective and solves the enigmas presented to him. better than the most seasoned inspectors. In addition, the life of Palle Huld, a Danish globetrotter with red hair, may have inspired Hergé. In 1928, aged fifteen, this future actor made a single round-the-world trip in 44 days, in golf pants like Tintin, paid for by the daily Politiken following a competition. The exploits of reporter Robert Sexé could also have inspired Hergé [ref. to confirm]. Léon Degrelle, founder of Rexism, a far-right movement in Belgium, friend and work colleague of Hergé in 1929, declared in an interview in 1981 that he inspired the character of Tintin in him. An apocryphal work by Degrelle, Tintin mon copain, develops this assertion in 2000, asserting that the hairstyle, the golf pants and the first trips of the reporter would have been inspired in Hergé by the character of Degrelle. This is however contested by Paul Jamin in particular, a mutual friend of Hergé and Degrelle. Tintin also borrows several physical characteristics from the younger brother of the designer, the soldier Paul Rémi, who received for the rest of his career the nickname of �

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