Tour (rugby at XV)


July 3, 2022

A tour is a series of rugby union test matches played consecutively away from home (meetings outside of any official competition). At the beginning of the summer, the national teams of the countries of the northern hemisphere leave Europe to play matches in the southern hemisphere. Conversely, in November, the national teams of the countries of the southern hemisphere come to Europe to play matches (autumn tour, autumn tests or year-end tour). At the end of the year, typically, on display are the national teams of South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, but the teams of Argentina, Canada, the United States of Fiji, the Tongan Samoa from Georgia, Romania, Russia and Japan are also welcomed. The tours have acquired a high symbolic dimension specific to rugby union, and they are not only "friendly" matches, the commitment is complete.

Touring Teams

The British and Irish Lions (formerly called British Lions) or simply Lions, is a team made up of the best players from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. It's a tour and tour only team. The Pacific Islanders team used the same concept to represent the Pacific Islands on tour, from 2004 to 2008.

Grand Slam

A Grand Slam is a term used when a Southern national team wins all their matches on a tour against the British and Irish nations.[ref. necessary] Rugby Union Portal