1973 Five Nations Tournament


July 3, 2022

The 1973 Five Nations Tournament saw all the teams win at home: a unique result in the annals. Therefore, all teams are deemed to have won this edition of the Tournament.


This table reflects the unprecedented case of a Tournament in which the five selections end in a tie (the nations are presented there by decreasing point difference Δ and Ireland, victorious over France, is ahead of it): Legend: J matches played, V wins, N draws, D losses; PP points scored, PC points conceded, Δ difference in points PP-PC; E tries scored; Pts ranking points, T defending champion. Allocation of ranking points (Pts): 2 points for a victory, 1 point in the event of a draw, nothing for a defeat. Scotland have the best attack, France have the best defence, finally the biggest point difference goes to Wales.


All matches are held (as most often) on a Saturday and on nine dates:


Technical data of the matches of the 1973 Tournament:

France - Scotland

Wales - England

Scotland - Wales

Ireland - England

England - France

Scotland - Ireland

Wales - Ireland

England - Scotland

France - Wales

Ireland - France

Composition of winning teams

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