Road bike


November 30, 2021

A road bike, also known as a racing bike, is a type of bicycle intended for road cycling competition.




The most used materials for the frame are carbon, aluminum, steel, and titanium.


UCI specifications

The UCI regulates the specifications of road bikes for competition.

Notes and references

Signage and protection of the routes of road cycling events

Any organizer of a cycling event on public roads must put safety first, for the competitors, the spectators and the environment. We call a cycling event, a race with classification and / or time-taking, online, in a loop or circuit, from town to town, or by stages using all or part of the lanes open to public traffic. Any cycling event must be subject to authorization by the prefecture. Applications must be submitted at least 6 weeks before the organization date if the event takes place in a single department and 3 months before if the event crosses several departments. A safety coordinator must be appointed. The organizers will make sure to attach a detailed map of the start and finish sites, as well as the precise itinerary of the route taken. The organizer must take out liability insurance. The maximum number of participants in an event is set at 200 except for cyclosportives. Each participant in a cycling event must hold a valid license (FFC, UFOLEP) or a medical certificate (cycle tourists, unlicensed). Wearing a helmet is mandatory. The route signage must be effective and very legible for all participants. The direction of the circuit will be designated by arrows and markings on the ground or in the air. The various strategic points, the places where it is necessary to give priority to the race will be secured by the presence of signalers. Obstacles will be signaled before the start of the race upstream on the circuit at a sufficient distance. The arrival area will be protected by barriers on both sides of the road. A back-up system must be put in place. Human and material resources will be adapted to the size of the event (number and age of competitors, number of spectators, nature of the course). Cycling Road cycling Cyclo-cross International Cycling Union Cycling portal Road portal

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