Vanessa Arraven


May 23, 2022

Vanessa Arraven, born October 23, 1983 in Ile-de-France and died May 10, 2022, is a French writer of urban fantasy and fantasy. Her texts, which feature strong heroines, are often akin to the bit-lit. It is inspired by myths and legends from various cultures around the world. However, she sets most of her storylines in France.


After beginnings in the fanzinat (MéluZine association; author in the reviews Borderline and Étreinte) under the name “Vanessa Lamazère”, she takes that of Vanessa Terral. In 2009, she created an amateur publishing project and founded the Transition association for this purpose. Her first novel, L'Aube de la guerrière, was published in 2012, then Cinq pas sous terre in 2013, first published in the form of a digital serial before the publication of the book. Then released Le Gardien de la Source in 2016, where the fantastic becomes less present to be felt above all in the atmosphere, a bias that she renews for her fourth novel: Only a Man. It is with this publication that she changes her pen name to the current one. A storyteller, she also gives lectures, particularly on shamanism. Her interest in personal development and spiritualities led her to train in CNV (Non-Violent Communication, Marshall Rosenberg's method), reiki and with Laurent Huguelit, teacher for the French branch of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. She died suddenly on May 10, 2022.



Dawn of the warrior, 2012, Éditions du Chat Noir Five steps underground, 2013, Editions du Petit Caveau The Guardian of the source, 2016, Pygmalion editions Only a man, 2020, Pygmalion Editions

Short Novels

Drunkenness of the djinn (Black Mambo anthology), 2015, Chat noir editions

Collection of short stories

Thus begins the Night, 2012, Thebookedition

Isolated News

At the bottom of metal and agate solitudes, Ghost stories anthology, 2011, Éditions Asgard The Magic Flutes: A new investigation by Hélianthe Palisède, Éditions du Chat noir, collective Les Enfants de Walpurgis, 2011 The Spark in me (Anthology Pagan Seasons), 2012, Chat Noir editions The Last Arctic Bear, anthology Chants de Totems, 2012, Éditions Argemmios Those on Stone (Anthology Zombies and Other Infected), 2014, Editions Griffe d'Encre By your gaze, 2014, Láska editions Japanese tales by the fireside, 2017, Hysteria Editions, (ISBN 979-10-96218-01-1).


My Shaman Notebook, 2021, Solar Editions, (ISBN 978-22-63158-95-7)


The Dawn of the Warrior: "Coup de coeur adolescent" prize at the Saint-Lys Book Fair, in November 2014

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